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Skills You’ll Learn

Work 2-3 hours a day and earn 4-5 billion a year

If you start an Alibaba business, this is a possible story. You can start a business at home while raising children!

Do you think B2B international sellers will be difficult?

I also started when I was 23 and didn't know anything. I have one, and it's so easy for you to get started.

Alibaba is still Blue Ocean

I met a lot of people while teaching, but there aren't many people who start or keep going. You can even start now!

Arrange your home and make it Alibaba the owner of the building!

When you earn 4-5 billion a year, you begin to see a world you couldn't see. It's easy to arrange a home or own a building. Let's learn Alibaba and live in an easy world!

About the class

Hello! I'm Sei Yirang, an Alibaba professional lecturer and trade princess who has been running an Alibaba business for 15 years. I started a business at 23, bought my first house when I was 26, and bought a building at age 30. We recently purchased a residential complex apartment in Mokdong in 2021.

This money is purely Alibaba
This is money earned by selling goods.

🥇 15 years of Alibaba seller experience, 12th year gold supplier

🥇 Exported to over 60 countries with 200 fixed buyers around the world

🥇 Accumulated orders of 10,000 in 14 years, maintaining annual net revenue of 4-5 billion

If you're planning to start an online business, you've probably heard about how to source products from 1688 or Alibaba is a useful site for those preparing to start a small business.

Not only Koreans, but people from over 200 countries around the world use Alibaba for the same reasons we do. In a nutshell, it's a large market, and it can be said that it's a space with lots of potential customers.

However, everyone seemed to find it difficult to start an Alibaba business because of 3 reasons.

✔ Since B2B transactions are carried out on a company-by-company basis, it is difficult for individuals to access.

✔ The operator's annual fee is burdensome. (Approximately 4 million won)

✔ I'm not good at Chinese

Course effect

People who make money are people who look for “ways to become” without blaming “things that don't work.” I graduated from a nursing college, started a solo business with 6 million won from my time as a nurse when I was 23, and worked alone from home for over 4 years. I started without even learning Chinese 1. Initial subscription fee? The subscription fee is the same whether you sell 1 billion or 10 billion. If you make more profit by selling more, that's enough.

😊 Alibaba seller who can even be 23 years old with an initial start-up cost of 6 million won!

😊 Start an Alibaba with an annual net income of 400 to 500 million!

😊 I will teach you how to create a company introduction site and how to respond to buyers.

Recommended classes

  • Those who want to try their hand at being an online seller who starts at home with a computer
  • Those who want to start B2B trade by starting an Alibaba business
  • Those who want to sell Made in Korea products to China at a margin of 4-5 times
  • A person who dreams of arranging a home and owning a building on Alibaba after 3 years

5 reasons why this class is special

❶ Renewal opening reflecting the latest policy in 2023!

Reflecting the latest policy in 2023, it focuses on easy content for those who want to start a business with Alibaba. If you feel like it, you'll be able to take all the courses in just one day! Nevertheless, you will understand and feel confident about Alibaba's world.

❷ If you certify stubbornly, you can answer any question or answer through the cafe! 👍👍👍

⭐ Special benefits for Alibaba Startup Class students ⭐

It takes a long time to prepare to start a business. Even if you don't have any specific questions during the course, you may have questions or questions later while actually preparing to start a business or actually running an Alibaba account.

To help in this situation, I run my own Naver Café Alibaba Trade Princess ( is running a “Question Board” and “Practical Assignment Board” for Class 101 Selling Master Course students. Feel free to ask any questions you may have through the cafe, and the trade princess will give you direct feedback.

❸ You can take advantage of the power of K products that are spreading globally

  • How do you beat Chinese sellers with relatively low unit prices?
  • K-Pop, K-Drama, and K-Life are all the rage!
  • The competitiveness of Korean sellers is accelerating further.

Alibaba doesn't have many Korean sellers yet. We can't sell because we don't know, but the reason we can't easily decide to enter a store even though we know if it's a market where it's possible to sell is “I don't have the confidence to beat Chinese sellers.” Because I think so.

🤔 Is it not competitive because it's more expensive than Chinese products?

🤔 Don't you have the confidence to surpass those many Chinese products and get the highest exposure?

This is why Alibaba doesn't have any Korean sellers yet.

However, I currently sell products on Alibaba at 5 times less and as much as 7 times more than Chinese sellers. And yet, is it still going to sell? It sells well. Because our products are “MADE IN KOREA.”

When people buy something, they don't unconditionally choose the cheapest one. I usually want to buy a good quality product even if I pay a little more. Buyers who buy our products on Alibaba are not looking for Chinese products with low quality at low prices, but good value for money “MADE IN KOREA” that has good quality at a reasonable price.

K-Beauty, K-Pop, worldwide
K-Fashion and K-Culture are trendy.
“Korea is popular” all over the world.
Now is the right time to sell Korea.

❹ An annual fee of 4 million won is burdensome? The shopping mall sales fee is 5 to 10%...??

👍 Are you hesitant about the annual fee of 4 million won? Even if you sell 100 billion won, it's 4 million won.

Alibaba has an annual fee of around $3,499 (about 4 million won). This annual fee is also burdensome for founders. However, if you think about it differently, Alibaba's annual fee isn't expensive. Assuming you run an online shopping mall, when you sell products A fee of 5 to 10% will be charged to the platform, from sales fees to payment fees. Even if the annual revenue is 100 million won, the fee is 500 to 10 million won. though Alibaba has no sales fees. Even if you sell 1 billion, 10 billion, or 100 billion, it's $3,499 a year.

According to Alibaba's operating policy, annual fees may continue to rise in the future. That means you have to start right away to get started with the cheapest annual fees. If you really feel like it, I recommend entering the store now.

❺ Steamy lectures by Seo Yi and the lecturer, as evidenced by verified course reviews!

👍 Student reviews and sales figures prove it!

This class is an actual Alibaba startup class where I will share my own experiences. I can also prove it by the reviews and sales figures of the many students who became Alibaba sellers through me.

Learn everything from starting Alibaba to selling. From Alibaba's system to item sourcing, market research, company websites, product registration, and buyer response. This course will help you get started properly in starting an Alibaba business!



Alibaba Princess

Alibaba Princess

Hello! I'm Xi Yirang, Alibaba's trade princess.

I've been earning 4-5 billion in annual net revenue as an Alibaba seller for 15 years.

🥇 15 years of Alibaba seller experience, 12th year gold supplier

🥇 Exported to over 60 countries with 200 fixed buyers around the world

🥇 Accumulated orders of 10,000 in 14 years, maintaining annual net revenue of 4-5 billion

Hello, my name is Seo Yirang. I've been running a trading company called 'Beauty in Seoul' for 15 years, and I'm currently a 12th-year Gold Supplier on

Our company is an exporter of beauty materials, etc., and has its own brand, and we are working not only with our brand, but also with OEM/ODM for buyers' branded products. Currently, there are more than 200 fixed buyers, and products are exported to more than 60 countries.

Over the past 15 years, we have completed a whopping 10,000 orders, and the company is running well with a steady annual net revenue of around 4-5 billion won. I'm not going to go into the nitty gritty explanation of how much the company makes, when, how much it sold.

I'm not a subsistence instructor; I'm an active businessman who is still making good money by exporting well. Just because you make a lot of money doesn't mean you work that much. I only work 2-3 hours a day. Still, the company is running well.

How to work 2-3 hours a day, arrange a home, and become a building owner!
Alibaba is still a market of opportunity.

I also want to work 2-3 hours a day and earn a net income of 4-5 billion a year! If you think so, I highly recommend Alibaba. I'll generously share my know-how, so experience the world of Alibaba! Let's meet in class! ^^

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