8 chapters · 7 hours 15 minutes
English · Korean|Audio English

Skills You’ll Learn


Travel Film Planning and Preparation


How to Operate any Camera and Shoot a Great Travel Film


How to Edit a Travel Film

Class Summary

Do you dream of traveling the world with your camera?

In this Complete Guide to Travel Filmmaking, you’ll learn a comprehensive set of skills from planning, storytelling, shooting, editing, being on camera, and more! Covering theory and lessons from over a decade of experience, this course will to take you from zero to travel creator.

By the time you finish this course, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to begin creating travel content at a professional level, whether for yourself or clients—and have fun while doing so!

Class Takeaways

• By the end of this course you will have a good understanding on travel film planning and gear preparation

• Gain a comprehensive overview of the various gear options and learn how to shoot solo in the field effectively

• Learn exposure theory and apply it onto your image for filmmaking

• Hyperlapse: when and how to use

• Further your skills in creative control to edit your work

• Promoting your works on social media

This Class Is For

• This class is for complete beginners or for eager hobbyists who want to build a professional-level foundation in the various skills of travel filmmaking

• Anyone with a passion for travel and creating and sharing videos will come away from this class with the ability to level up the quality of their travel content using proven techniques and approaches

Class Requirements

• Users can use any of the above editing programs to take the course

• This course will teach and guide you on how to effectively different tools in the editing program you will be using

• Aaron will help you adjust app settings to optimize your editing experience

Class Highlights

Travel film explained easy

Learn how to plan a shooting trip and pre-visualize a travel film, competently operate most consumer cameras, shoot on the field for a compelling travel video, and edit this footage into a variety of travel content.

Step by step instructions and easy to follow reference works

By following the lessons step by step, you will be able to produce a visually-beautiful and story-driven travel film. You will establish a professional-level foundation that, if practiced and built upon, can lead to paid opportunities and greater exposure online in both the travel and general filmmaking world.



Aaron Palabyab

Aaron Palabyab

I’m Aaron Palabyab, an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, and travel vlogger with over a decade of experience.

I learned filmmaking as a film student and then an apprentice in the world of traditional film and video production, starting as an assistant and camera operator in independent films, before apprenticing in and eventually directing TV commercials. However, after a few years, I left that behind to travel the world with my camera—and the work I created during my travels eventually resulted in films, photos, and vlogs that have won a number of awards.

Since then, I have worked around my country and in several others as a cameraman and artist involved in various projects.

I am fortunate enough to regularly experience traveling for free thanks to my camera. And recently, it’s been my newfound privilege to be a highly-rated instructor in various online courses about filmmaking.







TikTok - aaronpalabyab

TikTok - aaronpalabyab

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