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Photoshop & Illustrator
3 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Photo retouching and design work

  • Poster & postcard production

  • Phone case & Grip Talk production

Skills You’ll Learn

Photoshop basics

Basic Photoshop tools and how to retouch photos

Picking and synthesizing

Clear the subject's background and try compositing

Change the mood of a photo with color expressions

Fresh colors of summer, beige tones, and color expressions of orange and teal correction

Learn image effects tools

Effects such as blurring of night light, blurring, and sky replacement

Learn film photography effects

Analog film photography, simple vintage correction method using LUT

Illustrator basics

Learn basic illustrator tools

About the class

Welcome to the Adobe Campus Summer Vacation Special Lecture In this class, I'm going to create goods that you can share in your everyday life with the memories you have left through the medium of photography. You can learn everything from editing photos to designing with your own taste and sensibility. If you follow the lesson carefully until the end, you'll be able to create results with goods you can use yourself.

I tried to make it easy for those new to Photoshop and Illustrator to follow along. We have prepared everything from a list of shortcuts used in class to photos that can be used for practice. After learning the retouching, editing, and design process, you can learn step by step how to create a total of 4 types of goods, such as posters, postcards, phone cases, and Griptalk, using the finished photos.

Those who want to record their memories in a more special way, and those who want to present a moment spent with someone. I hope this summer vacation special lecture will be a memory you can make and build on with your own unique colors and tastes.

Course effect

  • You can learn about the differences between Photoshop and Illustrator and how to use them.
  • You can learn how to retouch detailed photos using Photoshop.
  • You can learn how to express moods and colors suitable for photographs.
  • You can create and design new images with various editing and effects features
  • You can try making goods with designs that reflect your own taste.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to learn Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator apps
  • Those who want to learn photo retouching and design
  • Those who want to find their own colors and tastes through the Adobe app
  • Those who want to create their own unique and unique goods with a record filled with memories

Pre-course notes

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and a PC are required to take the class.
  • The version of Photoshop & Illustrator used in the class is the 2023 Creative Cloud Korean version.
  • The creator's computer operating system is MAC OS.

2 reasons why this class is special

❶ With the Adobe app

Searching for tastes and colors

There's no need to be upset that the ordinary and special moments captured like a diary with a camera weren't captured in the picture as much as I saw and felt. From basic correction methods to detailed editing and effects! If you learn the various tools in the Adobe app and use them for your records, you'll be able to find your own tastes and colors.

❷ The only one in the world

Special goods

Using Photoshop and Illustrator, you can follow the process of completing the product from photo retouching to setting up and ordering for editing, design, and production in an easy and fun way. We have prepared a variety of example photos, how to use functions, and even order goods so that you can use the effects suitable for your own photos.





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