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Class introduction

Practical marketing for the restaurant business with 7 tables and monthly sales of 2,000 > 80 million won

b Jeju Island's Ribosco Hwadok Pizza, which is directly operated

Hello! This is Boo Hyo-jeong, a brilliant supper who helps small businesses with social media marketing. I live as a native of Jeju Island and opened a pizzeria in 2013. He was extremely frustrated as he experienced the reality of not being able to sleep, play, and working twice as much as others, but only increasing debt rather than doubling his realistic income.

What's the difference between a store standing in line and my store? After thinking and searching for a way, I learned about “marketing,” and I started applying it directly to my store by searching through all kinds of online lectures and books. It is now a local restaurant representing Jeju Island, and sales from 20 million won per month have quadrupled to 8,000 per month.

Aren't you curious about the secret to achieving such dramatic quadruple growth in a store with only 7 tables? Using my experience as a springboard, I now also give lectures on marketing strategies for the restaurant business and support marketing at about 80 locations with power bloggers. I created this class with the hope that it would be a gift for desperate people like me. If you keep up with what I've told you, your store will be transformed into a store you want to go to.

Recommended class

  • Prospective founders preparing for a restaurant business within 3 years
  • A small business owner who is worried that sales are not increasing even though the coronavirus is over
  • The boss who is wondering if the efficiency comes out properly by entrusting only marketing to the company
  • Those who are curious about marketing know-how to quadruple monthly sales

Course effect

1. You can learn all the necessary pre-marketing knowledge while preparing for the restaurant business.

2. You can follow the same basic marketing settings required for your store.

3. You can understand keywords and know the essential keywords for your store.

4. Even if you use a marketing agency, you may not be able to win.

5. In fact, sales will increase N times from before.

What makes this class special

❶ We will solve all practical marketing strategies that have quadrupled sales

Even now, I'm still self-employed. My husband runs a pizzeria, and I support marketing. I'll solve everything I learned while heading to the ground in a marketing know-how class that generated 4 times the revenue.

Easy practical lessons that anyone can apply right away

I'm not from the advertising industry, nor am I a marketer. I was a native of Jeju Island, and I was an ordinary small business owner who only looked for online courses because it was difficult to listen to various lectures due to the environment. So I'm not going to use difficult terms. The course is structured with content that you can easily learn and apply right away.

  • Naver search keyword settings: Naver Place, Powerlink settings
  • Naver Blog Marketing: How to write a guide for power bloggers, basic logic for top exposure
  • Kakao Channel: Building an automated response system
  • Instagram: Creating an appeal that attracts customers through visuals

We support the marketing of 500 influential power bloggers from all over the country and about 80 stores.

I met a lot of bosses while giving lectures. There are people who do it themselves because they've learned a lot, but there are also people who ask me about advertising agencies~ So I've also been working as an agency that only supports marketing for stores that have been verified according to my standards. I'll also share the know-how I've built up with 500 national power bloggers ^^ Even if you don't do your own marketing, you'll learn the standards for how reasonable our store promotion costs are.

I'll see you in the online class:)





🍕 CEO of Jeju Ribosco Pizza

🍕 Head of Marketing, Multi-store Success System Research Institute

🍕 Naver Cafe's 'Shining Dinner' Power Blogger Cafe Operator

🍕 Marketing company 'Shining Dinner' is operating











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