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๐Ÿ’ป This course is Computer Literacy Level 1 Handwriting Qualification Preparation CourseIt consists of content about. Analyze the types of computer literacy level 1 and learn about problem features. Computer literacy level 1 handwriting is divided into general computer, general spreadsheet, and general database subjects. Learners are divided into subjects to understand concepts and learn how to apply them by looking at relevant examples.

โถ Course 1: Computer General

Learn basic concepts about operating systems, computer system settings, computer system management, Internet usage, and multimedia usage. At this time, we have time to check what we have understood by understanding concepts and solving exercises.

โท Course 2: Spreadsheet general

Learn basic concepts of using spreadsheets, such as input and editing, using formulas, arrays, data management, charts, macros, and programming. Afterwards, we will apply the concepts learned through practice tests using filters, sorting, and scenarios.

โธ Course 3: General database

Learn basic concepts of using databases, such as an overview of databases, creating tables, queries, forms, controls, reports, macros, and event procedures. After that, you can build your skills through practice tests using data search and replacement, multiple tables, and report writing.

โœ… What is computer literacy?

Evaluating the ability to use spreadsheets and databases, which are essential programs for office automation National Technical Qualification TestIt is. In the case of test methods, they are divided into handwritten and practical exercises. In the case of grades, they are divided into Level 1 and Level 2 according to the number of subjects and the level of difficulty.

Course effect

  • You can understand concepts about computers in general, spreadsheets, and databases.
  • You can develop a sense of reality by solving each type of computer literacy level 1 written practice problem.

Recommended target

  • General public and university students whose goal is to obtain a computer literacy level 1 qualification

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