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Class introduction

❓ Everyone else gets a certificate, so I need to get ready soon...

❓ It's hard to do it alone, but I wonder if I can get expert help

If you're unsure, try the <Computer Literacy Level 1 Writing Test to Pass> class!

✅ What is computer literacy?

It is a national technical qualification test that evaluates the ability to use spreadsheets and databases, which are essential programs for office automation. In the case of test methods, it is divided into handwriting and practical tests. Grades are divided into Level 1 and Level 2 according to the number of subjects and their level of difficulty.

수업 예시화면

🧐 If there is a major characteristic of the computer literacy qualification test organized by the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it is 'Question Bank' The point is that it's presented in a style. Because of this, it's very important to try to solve the problem over and over again.

So in this class Preparation for Computer Literacy Level 1 Writing QualificationWe will solve the previous problem for you. Don't miss out on identifying the latest trends, especially for an easy and quick pass! We've prepared the latest course for you, which was revised in 2023, so please follow along step by step.

What is computer literacy level 1 handwriting ① Computer General ② Spreadsheet General ③ Database General SubjectIt consists of I'm going to understand concepts by subject and learn the essential theory of Excel and access. After that, we will help you fully learn the practical sense by solving the previous problems. Pass Computer Literacy Level 1 and challenge yourself with this class!

Course effect

  • You can understand concepts related to Excel and access.
  • You can improve your skills by solving computer literacy level 1 handwriting questions by type.

Recommended target

  • The general public and university students aiming to obtain computer literacy qualifications
  • Everyone who wants to build up employment specs in a short period of time

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