8 chapters · 1 hours 48 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio English

Skills You’ll Learn

Software Knowledge

Master software features (CSP, SAI, PS, Procreate). Learn common functions.

How to Draw Heads

Master head proportions, age exaggeration. Learn facial features and hair dynamics.

Figure Study

Ace figure proportions, dynamic muscles. Explore fabric's effect, draw folds.

Use of References

Learn finding, using references and photos for sketching.


This includes learning about digital color, contrast, and saturation.


Learn art workflow. Apply to your own work.

Class Summary

Welcome to our class, where we'll embark on an exciting journey to create captivating anime-style male characters together. From mastering the fundamentals of drawing to adding those final touches of vibrant color, this course has got it all covered. Get ready to explore diverse drawing software, delve into the intricacies of head and figure drawing, and dive into the vibrant world of digital color. By the end of this class, you'll have an extensive toolkit to bring your own unique characters to life. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned artist, get ready to level up your artistic skills with our dynamic and inspiring lessons.

Master the Art of Drawing Captivating Male Characters. Journey from the fundamentals to stunning realism as we introduce you to essential tools, software, and the secrets of human anatomy. Let your creativity soar as you bring your characters to life in the captivating world of anime-style art!

Class Takeaways

Master the Basics: You'll learn the fundamentals of anime-style drawing, from sketching to coloring.

Understand Anatomy: Gain a solid understanding of human anatomy to create realistic and believable characters.

Explore Tools and Software: Get familiar with popular drawing tools and software to enhance your digital art skills.

Create Your Own Characters: By the end of the class, you'll be able to create your own unique anime-style male characters.

Boost Your Creativity: This class will inspire you to explore your creativity and develop your own unique artistic style.

This Class Is For

  • Beginner Artists: If you're new to art and have a passion for anime, this class is a great starting point!
  • Experienced Artists: Already have drawing experience but want to explore anime style? This class will expand your artistic repertoire.
  • Anime Fans: Love anime and want to create your own characters? This class will guide you through the process.
  • Creative Individuals: If you're looking for a creative outlet and interested in digital art, this class will introduce you to the world of anime drawing.

Class Requirements

• The creator will be using Clip Studio Paint Pro in the course. For more information, please visit Clip Studio Paint.

• This course will teach and guide you on how to effectively different tools such as brushes, palettes, and blending options in Clip Studio Paint.

• Creator will help you adjust app settings to optimize your drawing experience. Please Note that the program is not included in the course package.

Class Highlights

Comprehensive Software Knowledge:

The class provides in-depth knowledge of various drawing software like CSP, SAI, PS, and Procreate. It covers not only the basic functions but also the unique features and differences among these tools, enabling students to choose and utilize the most suitable software for their needs.

Practical Drawing Techniques:

The class offers practical techniques for drawing heads, figures, and coloring. It covers everything from head proportions, facial expressions, muscle study, to digital coloring. This hands-on approach ensures students can apply what they learn directly to their own artwork.





Hello everyone, I'm Simi!

From a young age, I've been captivated by the charm of anime characters, which sparked my enduring love for drawing.

Over the years, I've been on a personal journey to explore and master the art of creating anime-style characters. This journey has led me to gain insights into the unique techniques and style of anime art. Now, I'm excited to share my passion and understanding with you in this course.

My goal is to make the process of drawing anime-style characters enjoyable and accessible for everyone. I look forward to embarking on this artistic journey with you.

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