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Mom's Table Math Habruta Learns Through Storytelling

I'm going to do storytelling with math, learn Habruta, and do art activities.

What do you think about mathematics?

What kind of memories do you want your child to remember when they do math?

Math and mom! What do you think of?

Relationship with momIf you like it, you will be psychologically stable, and soon self-esteemIt also affects. If you don't have a good relationship, it's hard to communicate with your child. Even with a child I had a good relationship with Math can also make it difficult.

Having taught many children, I think the reason they find mathematics difficult is because they have a lot of negative feelings about mathematics. If we have good memories of mathematics, the beauty of mathematics, observation of mathematics, and the comfort of mathematics, we Is there any reason to hate math?

In future curricula and future education The importance of mathematics is growing even more It's there. It's not the math of problem solving It requires more ability to know the essence of mathematics and create it.

Mathematical power! must be nurtured.

though Most moms Looking at mathematics the old fashioned way I have it.

From now on The view of thinking about mathematicsIt must be different from then on. The college entrance exam is not the end Studying for me for the rest of my life is importantIt's.

When I was young Good memories with my mom are mathIf it's a great experience, I will pass through the difficult years of middle and high school.

Why should I learn Math Habruta?

Math learning Perseverance and waitingIt's. It doesn't work out overnight. We're so used to being quick and fast, so we focus on getting results fast.

Is this the right approach? How long do we have to do it this way?

The important thing is that I think and express it. In toxic mathematics, my thoughts and what I express are missing. I think that learning the expressive techniques and techniques shown by the teacher is mathematics.

Will something that isn't my idea become mine?

If you know mathematics right away and learn how to learn it right away from that point on, you'll be convinced that your study method is right for elementary, secondary, high school, and even as an adult.

Habruta can also be called a discussion method of studying.I need to ask questions, listen, think, ask questions, and learn how to make my own mathematics by applying this method in mathematics.

Why should I take this class?

수학이 즐겁다, 생활 속 수학 발견, 엄마랑 수학 대화법, 미술활동까지

▶ Mathematics is fun, discovering mathematics in everyday life, how to talk about mathematics with mom, art activities

Habruta is a pair discussion. In this class Mother and child pairIt's going to be.

The process of asking and answering questions on a topic is repeated over and over again. My mom has never learned this kind of process. The process of asking and answering questions to the child without the mother is meaningless.

Kids always want to talk to their mom. The influence of a mother's mathematical beliefs on a child is huge. Mom must have fun with math so that kids have fun with math. If mom doesn't like math, there's a good chance that kids don't like math too.

That's why mom and child do math Easily accessible formI made it with. There are many math districts, but actually There are many cases where my mom doesn't know and can't use it..

Mathematics isn't just in the diocese. You can also find mathematics in crafting in real life, and there are times when mathematics is everywhere in real life, but my mom can't tell me about it because she hasn't found it yet. whereupon Focus on discovering mathematics in everyday life and talking about itI placed it.

크리에이터 저서_ 생각으로 푸는 수학

▶ Creator's book_ Math solved with thought

Since mathematical knowledge is required to do that Math storyTo be able to listen to and talk about yourself Work paperI introduced a way to talk to children through. Instead of a difficult parish Art activitiesI brought it with me. It's a fun activity for both mom and child. Art activities too Therapy effectsBecause there is a mother and child together Time to healYou can have it.

The era of creative fusion !! Have time to look at art while doing math, and look at mathematics while doing art!

Classes related to activities are child-centeredIt consists of, A class on basic knowledge that moms need to knowI also made it separately. Let's do activities while mom and child take classes together.

If you do this, you will naturally look at mathematics in your everyday life. I develop an eye for mathematics in everyday life. Not only the child, but also the mother You'll enjoy math. Memories like these will improve the relationship between mother and child, and that experience will have a lot of influence on mathematics in the future.

Education is like this. It's not about becoming something overnight, it's about slowly creating my consciousness. I do math We have created a curriculum that permeates our lives.

Includes all 7 areas of mathematicsI gave you an example where you can discover a lot of mathematics in your daily life, and The beauty of mathematics artDiscover it in too!

SUHA수학하브루타(수학스토리, 하브루타, 미술활동)

▶ SUHA math habruta (math stories, habrutas, art activities)

We will show you how to listen to math stories through storytelling, learn how to play habruta, and enjoy mathematics in an easy and fun way while doing art activities together.

Math enjoyed by both kids and moms

After taking a class I'm going to laugh and talk with my child all day long because of the fun memories I have from math.

Suha tutor

Suseong Mom (Mom Growing Up with Math) - Mom Pyo Math Management

Publication of Maths Solved by Thoughts

Konkuk University Graduate School of Education Department of Mathematics Education

Secondary school orthodox (mathematics)

Habruta Teacher Level 1

Math Creativity Experience Instructor

Storytelling Math Instructor

Storytelling Picture Book Instructor

Fairy Tale Performance Instructor

EBS High School Credit System Instructor

I majored in mathematics education, so I taught mathematics in middle and high schools. No matter how good I am at teaching, I have seen many children struggle with mathematics. I wanted to create an environment where many children enjoy mathematics.

Not only is gifted math research good at All of us I thought I had to do the necessary math. After I had a child, I began to think about children's mathematics, and I always Is there a way to do math while having fun? Future math I've always been interested in direction. As I learned about Haburta and storytelling mathematics, I applied it to my child and studied new mathematics education.

While doing mathematics on our own initiative, I thought we should do mathematics in order to develop the skills we must gain through mathematics, and I run Suseong Mom (a mom who grows up with mathematics) to practice it. It is operated so that students can be linked to elementary school based on the mother's math, which is learned through storytelling. The numerous reviews are an indicator of how many parents are interested in my class!

수강생 후기_1수강생 후기_2

▶ Student reviews_1, 2

ch1. Arithmetic

I will explain the guide to my mom before doing math and math activities. First, I will teach you the actions that make mistakes and the parts you must pick up. Since arithmetic is important enough to account for 80% of elementary school students, I will also pick the direction of study.

It makes me imagine my life while listening to stories of everyday life with numbers and arithmetic. It helps you express it.

In addition to the need for numbers, you will learn the sense of numbers while matching the quantity of numbers with concrete objects. They learn natural addition and subtraction by making centuries, counting in bundles, and counting up to 100 natural, and by having them try to collect the symbols and divisions of arithmetic themselves.

(Secret painting, beaded bracelet, candy basket, shell jewelry box, number writing) A variety of activities are included.

ch2. Rules and categories

Explain the rules and classification guide to mom before the activity. First, I will teach you the actions that make mistakes and the parts that must be taken.

It makes me imagine my life while listening to stories of everyday life. It helps you express it.

They will search for patterns, sort objects in daily life, and express them in tables (stamping, sorting objects in daily life, making tables). It includes a variety of activities.

ch3. Shapes and space

I will explain the guide to my mom before working on shapes and spaces. First, I will teach you the actions that make mistakes and the parts that must be taken.

It makes me imagine my life while listening to stories of everyday life. It helps you express it.

I recognized the shape, created it, and created a story to share, so I was able to work directly. (Shadow play, pizza making, map drawing) A variety of activities are included.

ch4. measuring

I will explain the guide to the mother before the measurement activity. First, I will teach you the actions that make mistakes and the parts that must be taken.

It makes me imagine my life while listening to stories of everyday life. It helps you express it.

It includes various activities that can be applied directly to the story of everyday life, such as a clock, calendar, and pocket money, as well as exercises for measuring and comparing measurements. (Making a watch, making a calendar, making a bag) I made it myself so that I can actually use it.

수하쌤의 하브루타 워크지+활동 워크지, 미술재료 50가지 이상의 키트 10종

▶ Su-Sam's Habruta Workpaper+Activity Work Paper, 10 kits with over 50 kinds of art materials!



Learn mom's math through storytelling

1. Hello, this is Suh Sam


2. Introducing Math Habruta



Number and arithmetic

1. Numbers and operations that moms must know (lessons for moms)


2. Numbers - The Role of Numbers [Secret Picture]


3. Tie the Century - Discovering Centuries in Your Life [Bead Bracelet]


4. Individual Counting - Pack of 10 [Candy Basket]


5. Addition and Subtraction - Collecting and Dividing in Daily Life [Making a Clam Jewelry Box]


6. Reading and writing large numbers



Rules and classifications

1. Rules and classifications that moms must know (lessons for moms)


2. Rules - Finding the rules of daily life [Making ice cream]


3. Find properties different from what you look like


4. Classify — Create a table



Shapes and spaces

1. Shapes and Spaces That Moms Must Know (A Course for Moms)


2. Dots, lines, and various shapes [shadow play]


3. Shape Sharing [Pizza Making]


4. direction, ordinal century




1. Measurements Moms Must Know (Lectures for Moms)


2. Try to measure


3. Watch, Know the Time [Making a Watch]


4. Know the calendar and seasons [Create a calendar]


5. Pocket Money - Calculating Money [Making a Bag]



Congratulations on your stubbornness

1. Congratulations on your stubbornness in learning math habruta through storytelling



Su Ha

Su Ha

Hello, I'm Su-Sam, Math Habruta. As a math education major at Konkuk University Graduate School of Education, I encountered many children struggling with mathematics while teaching mathematics in middle and high schools. Is there a way to make them enjoy math? I was always worried. Habruta, I studied storytelling mathematics, and I began to think about my child's future mathematics. Since I was a kid, I thought about mathematics that I could easily enjoy. I publish Math Solve with Thoughts and run Suseong Mom (Mom's Table Mathematics). Both my mom, who had trouble with math, and a mom who knew how to enjoy mathematics, studied math habruta to practice mathematics in my life with my child and build good memories with my child. By listening to mathematics as a story and working as an art kit provided by an art expert, the mother and child can partner up and think about mathematics naturally. After class, I'll usually discuss math with my kids.


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