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<Museum Class> Let's go on a historical journey with a museum story you can learn at home!


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Skills You’ll Learn

Museum storytelling

Make friends with museums by listening to museum stories

Relic appreciation and exploration

Develop observation and imagination by appreciating and exploring artifacts

Exclusive workbook activities

Organize and expand your thoughts through workbook activities

Linkage making activities (1)

Do crafting activities linked to the theme

Linkage making activities (2)

Develop expressive skills by doing creative activities

Museums & art galleries

Tell us a story!!

Museums aren't fun, boring?
The museum is amazing and fun!

There are many museums in the world. Everyone is telling their own story. Now, if you come across a museum anytime, anywhere, don't hesitate to approach it with curiosity about what stories are hidden.

museum classes,

Let's meet the museum at home!

This time, Class 101's <Museum Class> is fully organized with topics from representative museums in Korea that our children must know.

I'm going to tell interesting historical topics and museum stories such as the National Folk Museum, the National Palace Museum, and the Seoul Museum of History 🤗

Museum education for children starts with imagination. You can learn how to appreciate artifacts while listening to museum stories, and learn about museums on your own!

Why do children need <museum class>?

An infinite story told by relics and works placed without words!

Feeling past and present history, culture, and art with your heart Your ability to think for yourself will grow.

See, hear, think, imagine, create, and express!!

Sensibility and creativity that grows by having fun imagining and sometimes sharing erratic thoughts, Your latent historical imagination will begin to explode.


It's a museum I think about.

# A leader in museum education in Korea,

# Veteran education company with 18 years of field experience!

Museums, which have been a high threshold for us for a long time, have become the best educational place for children to enhance their imagination and thinking skills.

With our kids together Using museums and art galleries as playgrounds, I imagine to my heart's content, and practice creative fusion museum education.

From 2004 until now, I am proud to have created a place where children can enjoy a variety of cultural experiences while being friendly to museums and art galleries.

I am now entering class 101 to communicate with more children regardless of time and place.

I'll meet Class 101 with the same feeling I had when I first met the kids!

# Chapter 01 National Folk Museum

Old people's clothes

  • Learn about our hanbok and decorate it yourself using traditional fabrics

Food from the olden days

  • Learn about the annual farming seasons and make my own calendar for the twelve months of the year

The home of the ancients

  • Learn about a variety of old houses, from houses to hanok, and decorate our hanok

The story of a lifetime of people from the past

  • What is a ceremonial festival? Let's share the most important moment of our lives

# Chapter 02 National Palace Museum

King's Day

  • Who are the kings of Joseon and what do they do?
  • Let's make a hanging scroll that became a king

King's Feast Day

  • What kind of royal ceremonies are there?
  • Let's learn about the Ark of Righteousness and do activities

King's house

  • Have you been to Gyeongbokgung Palace? Let's listen to the palace story and make a three-dimensional court painting

The king's family

  • Who lives in the palace?
  • Learn about members of the royal family and create a royal family genealogy

# Chapter 03 Seoul Museum of History

Hanyang Province, the heart of Joseon

  • The Founding of a New Country, Joseon, and Hanyang Province
  • Let's make a map of Hanyang Province (1) Palace, Jongmyung Temple, Hanyang Province, and the four major gates

All over the place of Hanyang

  • Major places in Hanyang Province
  • Let's make a map of Hanyang Province (2) Yeokjo-dori Street, Unjong-ga, Cheonggyecheon

People of Hanyang Province

  • What kind of people lived in Hanyang Province?
  • What if I were from Joseon? How to make my own card

Seoul, the capital of South Korea

  • From Hanyang in Joseon to Seoul today
  • Making a map of Seoul as a landmark



Hello, this is a museum of thoughts

1. [To Parents] What museum do you think about?


Chapter 01

[National Folk Museum] Stories of people's lives in the old days

1. Old people's clothes


2. Food from the old days


3. [🎁 Making a work] Making a seasonal calendar


4. Old people's home


5. The story of the lives of old people


6. [🎁 Creating a work] Making an idiom


Chapter 02

[National Palace Museum] The story of the Joseon royal family

1. A Day in the Life of a King: What kind of person is the king of Joseon and what does he do?


2. [🎁 Making a work] Making a portrait of a king


3. King's Feast Day: What kind of royal ceremonies are there?


4. King's House: Have you been to Gyeongbokgung Palace? Let's listen to the story of the palace


5. [🎁 Making a work] Making a three-dimensional court painting


6. The King's Family: Who are members of the royal family?


Chapter 03

[Seoul Museum of History] Hanyang Travel Story

1. Joseon Konkuk and Hanyang Province


2. All About Hanyang: Exploring Major Places in the City


3. [🎁 Making a work] Making a map of Hanyang Province


4. People of Hanyang Province: What kind of people lived in Hanyang Province?


5. [🎁 Making a work] Making a hopper


6. Seoul, the capital of South Korea: a landmark of Seoul today



Congratulations on your stubbornness!

1. Funny museum stories: write a museum diary


2. [With my parents] Enjoy the museum 100%! Going to a museum in the future?





Museums & Art Galleries Tell Us!

Relics and works placed without words tell us infinite stories beyond imagination. Since 2004, we have been using our children, museums, and art galleries as playgrounds to imagine to their heart's content and practice creative fusion museum education.

We created a museum class for our children by incorporating our long-standing know-how covering not only the museum and art gallery site, but also the classroom classes. Let's meet the museum story at home through Class 101!!



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