<Make Bilingual words with the voice of the mother your child loves the most> Let's start with a fun nursery rhyme!


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I'm creating an English language environment for Bilingual.

Let's take a look at ways to create an English environment where children can become bilingual

Why should I start with an English nursery rhyme?

Learn why English nursery rhymes are good and why you should start with English nursery rhymes.

How do I choose English nursery rhymes?

I'll tell you the secret to choosing songs that are particularly good for young children's language exposure.

Sing English nursery rhymes in a more fun way

Here are some tips to make English nursery rhymes more fun and enjoyable for kids.

From English nursery rhymes to videos

Here are some tips for connecting to video exposure for English exposure.

Is bilingual speaking a matter of choice?

I'm a first-time mom with a 28-month-old son. I lived in Korea until I was a middle school student, then immigrated to the United States to graduate from the Department of English Literature, majored in tesol, and worked as a native speaker teacher for middle school students for about 5 years through the Korea Education Office. Since then, I have been teaching English for a long time at schools and companies.

So when I give birth to a child, of course, I'll automatically grow up in Bilingual, right? I had a vague idea. But since I gave birth, this is another completely different problem. What?

Speak English more easily! More fun! Creating an acceptable English environment

  • Immigrated to the US at age 15, lived in Glendale, California, graduated from middle school
  • English Literature (English Literature) major
  • TESOL (over 400 hours of tesol) minor
  • 5 years as a native middle school teacher through the Seoul Office of Education
  • Native speaker teacher at a famous school in Mokdong
  • Many papers and books, <12 Secrets of Franciscan Leadership to Get People> translated
  • I moved to Jeju Island and am teaching children at an international school

You have to dedicate your mother's physical strength and voice to reading a book, but you can't expose videos to a very young child, and you have to study life English that you don't understand and tell your child, but you have a lot of trouble, right? You're just about to get started, and you'll be frustrated when to know what to do and how to create an English environment.

As a Korean, it is difficult for me to create an English-speaking environment in Korea. Therefore, as a native teacher and bilingual translator, I created this class by summarizing effective methods for raising my son.

I am The education I received while growing up in the USand a long time The experience of teaching childrenIt was carried out until the 19th based on Know-how in [Mangle English Nursery Rhyme Study], and All the methods I've used to raise my sonI'm going to let you know everything I've heard.

Creating an English environment for raising bilingual children, With English nursery rhymes Let's get started together?

Busy parents, let your child know the joy of English with English nursery rhymes during a time spent interacting with your child more than anything else!

There are many ways to expose English, but what I learned while studying English nursery rhymes until the 19th The fact that English nursery rhymes are better conveyed to children than anything else and can be shared with them anywhereIt means that it's very good for creating an English environment in.

Sow the seeds of healthy English exposure for children by sharing English nursery rhymes during travel time and fun parenting time on weekends.

The beginning of an English environment, listening to English nursery rhymes in mom's voice

In the US, take your child to the local library where you live Storytimeupon I will participate. The title is story time, but in fact, in a short time of about 30 minutes, a lot of it is with the kids Sing English nursery rhymesIt is used in This is because Nursery Rhyme is well known for helping kids learn languages.

I also participated in a lot of storytime when I went to my family's US. I don't know how much my timid son liked it.

English songs, can I just sing them?

Some of the parents I've worked with while leading the English nursery rhyme study were having trouble getting started with what kind of songs to watch, how, and what to watch and sing, and how to make songs fun to listen to.

I am How to find, sing, and expand English nursery rhymesI'll tell you more about it.

In addition to the songs I present, I will be fully prepared to effectively enjoy the songs that your child likes together.

I'll give you materials created by Mammlish herself!

List of contextual English nursery rhymes, While conducting the 19th English nursery rhyme study A list of popular English nursery rhymes that kids liked the most, a collection of must-sing English nursery rhymes lyrics, playtime scripts and materials, a list of English videos that make children love English, and a list of videos to avoid, etc.! I'll pick out some materials that will help you get started creating an English environment for your child, and I'll give them to you every time you are stubborn about that chapter.



<Making my child bilingual>, let's start the English environment with an appropriate and fun English nursery rhyme!

1. Hello This is Mangulish Jinny.



Please create an English environment at home.

1. If you want to raise a child in Bilingual


2. Why Mom+English is needed



Why you should start English with nursery rhymes for mothers of infants and toddlers

1. The order in which you learn English is the same as the order in which you learn your native language


2. Creating an English Environment Part 1


3. Creating an English Environment Part 2


4. I don't care if my mom doesn't speak English (we can sing)


5. Why English nursery rhymes help children develop language



How to choose essential English nursery rhymes for my child

1. How to sing English songs well Part 1


2. How to sing English songs well Part 2


3. Tell English nursery rhymes with a lullaby


4. Choose English nursery rhymes. Let's start with traditional nursery rhymes!


5. Songs you can sing when you're with your child according to the situation


6. English nursery rhymes you should avoid



How to sing English nursery rhymes in earnest

1. Just Listening to Songs Part 1


2. Just Listening to Songs Part 2


3. Listening: It's about listening even if you don't focus


4. Focus on listening to the same song for at least a week



Play with your child with English nursery rhymes

1. Sing while using hand movements


2. Play while showing images


3. Play and sing - don't ignore it as a free resource!


4. Sing while watching a book



Go from English nursery rhymes to English videos

1. What is the beginning of the video?


2. Nursery rhyme videos and nursery rhyme channels recommended by Mammlish on topics that many children like


3. Please avoid videos like this.


Chapter 7

Questions I hear a lot

1. My child doesn't listen to songs


2. My child refuses to sing.


3. I'm so embarrassed to sing English nursery rhymes outside and speak them in English.



Congratulations on your stubbornness!

1. Thank you for your hard work!





Hi, I'm Mumglish. I'm a native Korean who has been teaching English for over 20 years. I had a vague idea that if I had a child, of course, I would raise them in a bilingual way. Since I gave birth, this is another problem. What?! While living in Korea, raising a child in a bilingual way is no longer a choice but a necessity. Creating Bilingual with the voice of the mother your child loves the most - Are you wondering how to get started? You're just about to get started, and you'll be frustrated when to know what to do and how to create an English environment. I would like to share all of my know-how from the “Mangle English Nursery Rhyme Study” that I conducted until the 19th, based on the education I received while growing up in the United States and my long experience of teaching children. Let's start raising a bilingual child with English nursery rhymes!


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