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To Galaxy Tab S7/S7+
2 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 60 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Child and adult human body drawing

  • Memorable scene drawing

Skills You’ll Learn

Samsung Note App & Clip Studio App Settings

Set up the Samsung Note app and Clip Studio app as you prepare for drawing.

5 Line Drawing Theories

Learn about lines, perspective, contrast and shadows, and the sense of weight, depth, and space in painting.

Human body drawing (child and adult)

Practice drawing a human body with different proportions with children and adults.

Draw a memorable scene

You'll learn how to draw a memorable scene based on the basics you've practiced before.

Me like me, “I make memories”

Hallo Office designer and house-corner illustrator ForeplayIt's. Finding Nadaum is getting to know myselfI think it has the same meaning as. Getting to know yourself is living in the present by looking back.

Rather than doing something huge to live in the present, I take time to think about various things and relationships with people around me, and express them in pictures. Just as anyone can hummer a song, whosoever With a light drawing To be able to draw a picture of one's surroundings and everyday life I'm planning this class to help!

Memories, things that only pass by become precious

There are difficult times in life, and there are also fun times
There are times when I want them to pass quickly.

I think I keep forgetting painful memories, and I'm trying to leave good memories. When I draw my own story, I can't help but look back at myself. When I draw a picture, 'There are more times when I feel like “I am this kind of person.” In this class, I'm going to teach you how to do light drawing as a way to remember!

Always by my side

Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ Life

It can be difficult to draw well, but
The drawing itself can be done by anyone.

I wanted to let you know that the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ can do a lot of things, but it's also perfect as a professional drawing device. In this class, for Galaxy Tab users The basics of drawing that anyone can easily start with the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+Let me tell you about

In this class “Drawing mindset”, light theory, and small tips I use while line drawingThey'll also let you know. I'm going to use them to complete a couple of pictures. If you take the class step by step, anyone will be able to draw a picture of their surroundings and everyday life with ease!

Building my own self with the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+

The weight, grip, and length of the new S Pen make drawing easier, and the width ratio is wider Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ Thanks to the large screen display, you can pull out various tools and draw conveniently. For the same reason, the feeling of frustration was reduced when using the split screen with the search bar and drawing app displayed at the same time!

Above all, being able to use a clip studio app optimized for drawing In terms of backup and file management, I think the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ is an ideal device for drawing. For those who work on image-based work such as drawing or webtoons, I recommend the daily drawing class using the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ for 101 won for those who are just starting to draw!

Draw everyday life and make memories,
A person who lives in the present by looking back,
It's foreplay.





Galaxy Tab S7/S7+

Work Hard, Play Playback

Another window showing you and my daily life

Work&Play introduces the Galaxy Tab S7, the strongest performance ever to support everything. Freely express your thoughts and inspirations with the amazingly new S Pen, Samsung Note, and various Creation apps, and get work done quickly and accurately in an optimal work environment such as a PC with Samsung DeX and keyboard book covers. With an upgraded 120 Hz screen and 4 AKG speakers, you can enjoy your own content in a realistic way. Meet your own daily life unfolding on a tablet screen now.

My daily life, my world

Large-screen display that shows the image as it is

Smoother and smoother screen movements

Thanks to a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, the screen responds instantly to your fingertips as you move. Watch the fast-moving screen without interruption.

An S Pen that's more than a real pen

You can write and draw like a pen with vastly improved response speed, a soft nib that reflects your font, and a comfortable grip even when you hold it for a long time. It can be easily attached to the side and back of the tablet with strong magnetism, and even has an air gesture function, so it's more than just a real pen.

With Galaxy Tab S7/S7+
Discover who you are!

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