I'd like to inform you of changes to Adobe Color Themes panel and library color. Adobe Color Themes functionality has been suspended since July 14, 21. (Can't understand) Let's wait for the next update to improve.) I think you can proceed by adding color palettes to my library on Adobe Color website that I told you earlier in the lecture. Also, at 04:41, the library color was not recorded with the correct color value, so the appeck itself made it into a color palette. Updated versions of the app improved the environment of the app color picker (eyedropper, spoid tool).👍 The color palette added to the library is colored with the same color value even if you take it with a color picker. Please update it to the latest version and check it out. If there is any change, I will update the comments. Thank you. Date Created: 2021.07.19 / Verified Version v18.2.1
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