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Let's summarize Allioli's FAQ. 1. Blender: Stand the blender head vertically, fully adher to the bottom of the container containing the contents, and then operate with the most powerful force. When the blender is operated without moving in this state, tilting the head slightly into the oil and starting to show a mayonnaise-like texture at the bottom of the barrel, work slowly moving the blender head up and down. Overall, the blender will continue to operate without stopping until there is a sufficient texture of mayonnaise. 2. Oil: The recipe mentioned colorless and odorless sunflower seed oil, but olive oil can make mayonnaise healthier. In this case, the unique color and taste of olive oil are added together, so if you're familiar with the traditional mayonnaise, you can feel a little differently. (So you can mix the oil according to the chef's taste.) You can choose the oil that suits your taste. 3. Concentration: Some people say that the concentration is sometimes thin, but the common belief is that alioli is slightly thinner than the concentration of mayonnaise. However, this is also different depending on the case, so if you want more concentration, you can add more oil. On the other hand, if you want to reduce the texture or greasiness of a thinner sauce, you can reduce the amount of oil and increase the amount of lemon juice. 4. Garlic: When using raw garlic, cut the garlic in half to remove the middle wick or fry the garlic. Basically, it tastes good when you grill garlic. For ease of use, you can grill the pan until it is golden (done to the core) and use it by squeezing the puree after baking the whole thing in an oven, such as making a 6-3-chapter brava sauce. (It tastes best.) 5. Other: If you add a little sugar or MSG, you can add a 'pulling taste' that feels like it's on the market. Depending on your preference, you may use only egg yolks or milk to make it.
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