Usually, I was happy to collect pictures of my cat Yejin. Suddenly, I want to draw Ye-jin myself.I thought...But I can't draw and I've never drawn a digital drawing before. What should I do? I tried it because I heard that emoticons can be done by non-communists and can be done without having to draw well.😻❤ Currently, stickers are registered in Naver ogq market~~~ I wanted to learn moving emoticons so I was looking everywhere.I was listening to someone else's lecture.I've been waiting for your lecture to begin because it's too difficult and professional for me to hear anything.I thought it would be a lecture that would encourage beginners and I was more confident when I read your comments and comments before the lecture.😻❤ Please help me make a pretty Yejin emoticon 💕💕💕 Thank you.💕💕💕
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