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itI'll let you know
YouTube version

What are the lectures I prepared

It will be more practical and realistic than any other course.

Hallo I am a YouTube channel Jin Yongjinet Inverted Hanjin YongjinYouTube creator running Jin Yongjin It's.

Everyone, leave the company and become a YouTuber. Do you still only recall in words?

I am practical and realistic How to monetize YouTubeI'll let you know. Those who want to work on YouTube as a side job and want to earn additional income in addition to their salary, and those who work as a YouTuber and have big dreams as a YouTuber. If you just listen to my story, you won't regret it.

1.75 million YouTubers, I was able to become a method.

For me, before YouTube became as popular as it is now YouTube editor I am a person who has been a bobbee in the course of my life. After working as an editor for 2 years I got some sense of it, so I tried YouTube, and after 6 months I became a YouTuber, and now it's commonly spoken by people 1 million YouTubersIt became.

I've been a YouTube editor for a very long time. As I edited videos for hundreds of YouTubers, I developed my own sense and know-how, and when I first started, or a short time after I started How to do a good job on YouTube I know for sure more than anyone else.

Even if there is no special content The secret to YouTube's successPlease learn!

The data I've accumulated as a YouTube editor,

Unravel all of Jin Yongjin's channel management know-how!

실제 유튜브 편집자로 활동하며 받았던 수익들▶ ︎ Earnings from working as an actual YouTube editor

There are hundreds of YouTubers who have passed through me. Those of you who want to do YouTube are definitely thinking like this.

How should I edit videos now?
How much do I have to pay if I write an editor?
conesWhat should Tents do?

You've probably tried “Getting started with YouTuber equipment” on YouTube after searching in the search box about what equipment to choose for the first time, and maybe you haven't even looked for it yet.

I can anticipate the actions and concerns of those who are just starting out and those who are just getting started. This is because a lot of people who wanted to start YouTube before all of you have shown it to me for a long time.

 제가 그동안 봐왔던 BJ, 유튜버들

▶ ︎ BJs and YouTubers I've been watching

If you watch this course, you won't be able to start putting all the effort into editing and content right away. You'll need to look for and research different methods, but time may be short. Editorial's Not to mention the technical part, everyone will have a career.

unaffordable Complex and lengthy video edits, If a long shooting time overlaps, most people quit quickly depending on their mentality.

But I trillionsWhy doesn't the number of times come outWhen I got to know I am How and how to get the number of views If you can know, never get tired and be clear MonetizationYou'll be able to get there. Whether it's a few hundred thousand won or a few million won. I'll let you know that.

YouTube content, it's hard to know what and how to do it?

Someone is doing the content I was thinking about, and I don't know where to start.
Can we generate revenue? Wouldn't you give up in the middle?
Wouldn't people around you look ridiculous?
However, this is a misconception.

What is the content It's bound to be limited. If you want to differentiate yourself, new contentis also important, but “your own color” is even more important. The same game contentEven if you do, your own tone, way the game progresses, and your own If you add know-how That's NEW CONTENTIt becomes. Learn how to make it that way!

I interviewed 100 YouTubers for this course.

 유튜브 100명 인터뷰

▶ ︎ Interview with 100 people on YouTube

Of course, I learned about my experience in lectures, Know-how I gained from interacting with 100 YouTubersI pressed firmly to put it in. I don't teach you that you can do everything with passion and mind.

  • What equipment did you use and who did you follow in the beginning?
  • What was the first video you uploaded, How did you do the thumbnails?
  • How many videos did you upload until you first became profitable?
  • You probably didn't know how to edit, but how did you do it?
  • Everything from video editing methods to monetization
  • How to set up live streaming
  • Understanding watch duration
  • Algorithm selection

We've asked you everything you might be curious about. To sum up this course in one word, it's about saving you time and helping you make real, realistic profits.

If you take this course, you don't need to spend time looking for anything else. We'll make it as easy to understand as possible, and only give you the information and key points you need.

Enjoy the video, have a big mind, and always have fun shooting videos. It's not this abstract. I'll show you the actual method.

Why are you sharing this kind of good information?

What if there are more high-quality YouTubers and content on the platform called YouTube, and as a result, it becomes more and more popular recognition. After all, I'll be able to work longer as a YouTuber, right?

We want to grow with you in your limitless possibilities. I'm looking forward to meeting you in a lecture, and I'll finish the introduction here.

Your possibilities are limitless.
As a YouTube senior, as a creator growing together
We'll be with you.
- Jin Yongjin's Dream -





Hello everyone!

I'm Jin Yongjin, a YouTuber

I love YouTube and my job of creating content

I also communicate with subscribers while doing what I love

There's even an income you can't even dream of at work.

This time, I'm starting a fresh start as a lecturer.

We will share your dreams.

“Haven't you started a YouTube channel yet?”

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