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▶ ︎ Introducing Laila's oil painting class


This is Laila who paints oil paintings!

I'm Lyla, who paints while running a Japanese-style studio called 'Laila Studio' at the Paju Publishing House. I decided to hold a class because I wanted to share with you the pleasant sense of immersion and achievement I feel while working on conversation. From the various objects you encounter in everyday life to the special scenery of a travel destination, oil paintings have Warm colorsand let's learn about a relaxed atmosphere.

Did you know that most famous paintings are painted in oil?

If you know oil painting Making masterpieces easier I can understand and appreciate it. This class is prepared so that you can fully understand oil painting and further enjoy oil painting. Oil paintings have the characteristic that they do not dry out easily, so they can express gradations smoothly. The shimmering light and soft tone of paint are also a special charm of oil painting. Let me introduce you to the various characteristics of oil paintings.

An oil painting to enjoy in the comfort of my room

Many people find oil painting difficult. Unlike acrylic and watercolor paintings, which use water, oil paintings use oil, so you need to pay more attention. A separate oil is required to clean the brush, and there are many tools to prepare. I'm comfortable Easy oil paintingI would like to let you know.

Let's start an enchanting oil painting with me.

If you're looking for a hobby of painting, start with oil painting

I learned personally by conducting numerous drawing classes and drawing various oil painting works Know-how of oil paintingI will let you know all of them. I will guide you step by step so that not only those who are new to oil painting, but also those who are new to painting can easily follow along.

Estimated class time

7 chaptersIt will be carried out as, A total of 9 worksLet's make it together. I'm trying to make a work 2-5 hours It takes a degree. Until the oil paint on the picture hardens About 5 to 10 days It takes a degree. So that you can fully practice and follow along from the basics of oil painting to creating your own work The course period is 20 weeksI will give it to you.

📩 The time required may vary depending on the individual and the speed of progress.

What do you learn?

✍ Learn how to prepare and manage tools for painting oil paintings

✍ Draw flowers, plants, and everyday landscapes

✍ I will draw a beautiful masterpiece





Hallo I'm Laila who runs a Japanese-style studio “Laila Studio” in Paju. I majored in Western painting and have been doing classes and painting work based on painting and drawing since 2012.



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