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With oil paint and brush
6 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • purple sky

  • lemons

  • pink beach

  • red background green leaf

  • Brown stone mountain

  • whales

Skills You’ll Learn

Basic oil painting techniques

Learn about blending, impasto, and knife painting, which are representative basic techniques of oil painting.

How to make the desired color

Learn the basic principles of color to create and apply the desired color.

How to create a natural gradation

Learn how to express yourself by gently mixing paints.

Add a thick layer of paint to create texture

Learn how to draw thick using the physical properties of oil paint.

Use a knife to draw

Learn how to use a knife to express unique textures.

how to draw a landscape painting

Learn how to express nature such as the sea, mountains, and sky.

A small firebox in my room,

I would like to introduce Beo's oil painting class.

Have you ever imagined painting an oil painting while sitting by a window in the sun during a relaxing holiday day? Every week, I create one piece of art with beautiful colors and thick brush touches, and I lean it against the window.

This oil painting class is just that. Every week, I'll draw a picture as small as the palm of my hand in the small Japanese-style room in my room.

Why couldn't you start oil painting?

Oil paintings go through various processes such as jet painting, sketching, priming, painting, etc., and the order and method of drawing objects, backgrounds, and light expressions vary slightly depending on the object. However, if you learn from the beginning, the entry barrier to oil painting is too high, so it would be difficult to get started, right?

That's why I I shortened the emulsification process to a very short time. I also prepared the sketch as a very simple or unnecessary pattern, and I changed the color and texture so as not to get bored even though the shape was not complicated.

How to use oil painting materials, how to color, and even how to color! What are the six works we will create together It will be simpler and easier than you think:)

Let's learn well from the basics.

Oil painting is due to the characteristics of the material Various methodsIt can be used as. It is made very thin, so if you use it on top of each other, the undertone will appear slightly, and you can also apply it thick to create an unusual texture.

There are 7 representative techniques of oil painting, of which we are the most popular and easiest to use Blending, impasto, knife painting techniquesI'll learn.

blendingis the most commonly used basic oil painting technique. Simply put, it can be called gradation. The colors painted on the canvas are rubbed to create a smooth transition. I often use it to draw realistic pictures of the sky, the sea, etc.

impastois a method of applying a thick layer of paint to clearly express the rough texture of the brush and the physical properties of the paint. It is important to note that you need to put a lot of paint on the brush, and since there is a thick layer of paint on the canvas, it can mix with the color underneath when brushing.

knivesYou can also use it to mix and drop paints, but you can also use it to draw pictures. It can express a completely different texture than one painted with a brush. It's similar to impasto. If you put a lot of paint on the bottom of the knife and push it against the canvas, the paint will come out as it is.

If you mix and match different techniques, you can draw a richer picture! Paint a primer or background color with the blending you learned for the first time, and paint a little more oil painting by depicting it with an impastona knife on top Let's handle it skillfully.

Now I can make my own favorite color!

The part that many people find difficult when drawing ToningThis is it. People who paint as a hobby say they spend the most time making colors because they don't know how to make the color they want.

The basic principles of coloring are not difficult! Once you learn and practice a little, you'll be able to freely create any color you want, no matter what kind of drawing you draw with any material.

As I taught art as a hobby, many hobbyists learned when they went to school “Brightness, saturation, three primary colors”He said he remembered. I'm going to explain the color scheme very easily using this “brightness, saturation, and three primary colors.” Use one color to create neutral, complementary, and dark colors, and even create mixed colors and turquoise colors! Now let's create and use the desired color ourselves.

Now I'm making the romance of oil painting a reality.

In Beo's oil painting class Two still lifes and four landscape paintingsI'm going to draw. You'll learn the principles of light (light, medium, and dark) with lemon still lifes and green leaf paintings, and practice expressing the sky, sea, and mountains on a landscape painting. You'll also learn how to mix and match blending, impasto, and knife painting in every work!

There's no painting I can't draw if I know basic coloring and basic techniques. I hope everyone can enjoy oil painting on their own, and be able to draw memorable photos and paintings on their own.

If you look at the photo, someone can draw with blending, and someone can draw with knife painting. Let's draw using the most fun oil painting technique! Let's find your own color and create a one-of-a-kind picture in the world that is perfect for your taste.



Drawing Hwawon

Drawing Hwawon

Hello! I'm Beo, who runs a hobby art studio painting garden at exit 4 of Shillim Station:)

I love oil paintings. When I started drawing my own paintings, the subject came from me, so it wasn't very difficult, but I had a lot of trouble expressing it outwardly. I've gone through a lot of trial and error in color and expression, and oil painting can be used in a wide range of colors and techniques, so I used it a lot with love. I'm working to find my own color and find a way to express the picture I want.

Classmates can also notice their own colors that unknowingly get their hands on when they draw, and that keep coming out as they make them. Also, I wanted to be able to find out which way I had the most fun using paint and what suits my sensibility, so I created a class where you can experience various oil painting techniques.

Beo's oil painting class containing only the necessary courses for oil painting! It will officially open on July 31st:) I'm looking forward to meeting you with a full and fun class!



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