9 chapters · 4 hours 11 minutes
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Using acrylic paint
4 Class Projects

It takes about 3 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Scenery with clouds

  • Sea and sand

  • Seagulls and the sky

  • Seascape with waves hitting

Skills You’ll Learn

How to handle acrylic paints and tools

Understand the characteristics of acrylic paints and learn how to care for brushes.

How to combine beautiful colors

Find the right color and learn how to combine colors.

Depicting clouds

Learn how to express warm, fluffy clouds.

Natural gradients

Let's try to express the sunset sky as a gradation.

Add detail with a fine brush

Add details like a ship, a parasol, and a seagull.

Depicting the ocean and waves

While drawing the sea and waves, I will draw a deep and emotional picture together.

I paint acrylic paintings as a hobby.

Hello! I am Sueddue, a YouTuber who records daily vlogs.

Why does a YouTuber draw acrylic paintings? In high school, I prepared for the entrance exam to art school and majored in design at the university. Painting has always been inseparable from me.

However, drawing because I had to draw was no fun at all. Stereotypical patterns, time limits, points, criticality... I found myself increasingly losing interest in painting.

Whereupon I started looking for paintings that could be drawn as a hobby. Hence, I started doing acrylic painting.

Have you heard of acrylic painting before?

You've probably heard a lot about watercolors and oil paintings. Water-based watercolor, oil-based oil painting. However, painting a landscape requires a lot of effort in watercolor and oil painting. Watercolors require good water control, and oil paintings are a bit difficult to handle due to the nature of the paint.

Acrylic paint combines the pros of both watercolor and oil paint. Acrylic paints can be applied with water like watercolors and express thick textures like oil paintings. Instead, it dries much faster than oil painting, which helps beginners adapt easily.

I also record my painting on video. Many people love my acrylic painting, so I opened an acrylic painting class with Class101.

I draw the sky, clouds, and the sea.

I can fully express clear and soft colors like watercolor with acrylic painting. Even if a color you don't like comes out, you can fix it by adding as many colors as you like. When you think of “acrylic painting,” it's easy to think of paintings that are usually bright red and mostly bright blue. However, acrylic paintings go better with a lyrical and emotional landscape than you might think.

So I usually draw things like the sea, the sky, and clouds. I think the moment I paint acrylic painting is an excellent hobby because I can genuinely enjoy painting.

I'm going to draw it like this.

I'm going to draw a total of 4 finished works. Of course, in order to complete this, you have to learn the basics one by one, right?

Let's paint relaxing soft colors together on the canvas. I will tell you carefully how to create the color you want.

I'll also tell you what paint, brush, canvas, and pallet I use. You can also buy it as a kit if you want.

I'll show you how to add natural gradients, draw clouds, and even do delicate work with a fine brush.

So let's indulge into the charm of acrylic painting with me?





Hello, I'm Sueddu, a YouTuber.

I'm a solo creator who records, edits, and uploads videos of everyday life.

It's been about a year and a half since I started, and thankfully, many people liked it.

I want to make my own “work” video that is not just a “record,” but also a video that is fun to watch and listen to. I'm trying to do that while making every video.

Initially, I was interested in photography, so I've been taking pictures for several years and working on flat design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. One day, while I was thinking about how to make these works that I like a little more vivid, I decided to start a video by myself, and when I tried it, I realized that it wasn't as difficult as I was worried about.

I plan, shoot, and edit on my own.

I only want to share helpful information that I learned by bumping into obstacles and can be used in practice immediately. Actually, everything is different from one sheet of paper. Every little detail changes the quality of the video.

In line with this era where you also shoot videos and become a solo creator, we are opening classes that even beginners who don't know anything about video can easily follow along:)





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