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With acrylic paint
5 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Way home

  • cloud sky

  • Dawn Snow Forest

  • Sunset scenery

  • Calm sea

Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding materials

Learn about the characteristics of acrylic paints, brushes, and canvases.

Gradient techniques

Let's learn gradation techniques by drawing a simple sky.

How to use a knife

Learn how to use a knife by applying paint, stacking, scraping, and mixing.

Color theory and how to create beautiful colors

Let's learn about color theory and how to color various colors that can be easily understood.

How to express a calm sea

Let's imagine a relaxing ocean with calm waves.

Basic forms of clouds and various ways to describe them

A mongley-monggling cloud. Now I'm going to learn how to express with my own hands.

Stable composition and perspective

Learn basic principles that are really good to know when drawing.

Let me introduce a friend of mine who I've been with since I was a kid.

What does painting mean to all of you?

For me, painting is like a friend I've been with since I was a kid.

Hello everyone!

Warmth and welcoming atmosphereDrawing a picture with This is Otto! (❁ '0'0` ❁)

I was so proud that people on YouTube who said “I haven't held a brush since middle school” are drawing while watching my videos. If it's a video that you enjoyed watching on YouTube, here's a little closer, so I've prepared a class to let you know step by step.

I usually paint landscapes of nature and the sky.

How many times do you look at the sky in a day?

If you don't remember, from today Observe the sky. Even in the same place, at the same time, and in the same weather, the sky is always different. A different moment always creates a diverse sky.

The sky changes day by dayIf you look at, let's take a picture with a harness! As a habit, I take pictures of beautiful skies and places when I see them.

In this class, that's the case Various natural elements along with the skyI will draw with acrylic paint on canvases of various sizes. It's OK even if you're new to painting. Starting with the characteristics of acrylic paint, you'll learn various techniques using a brush.

Acrylic paint combines the advantages of traditional oil painting Modern version of oil paintingI think so.

It's easy to use, so when painting beginners start painting with acrylic, “paint” A different kind of funAlong with that, the fear of how to start on a pure white canvas will also disappear.

After taking the class, you To be able to draw pictures from photos taken by yourself We'll give you a sneak peek at everything from photography tips to composing! (●'0'●)

Mixing paints is also an art.

Usually the most difficult part for those who are new to painting color combinationThis is it.

Mixing paints is also a technique. My own that anyone can easily understand How to study color theory and how to combine colorsI'll also teach you step by step. After taking this class, I'm sure you'll enjoy the coloring process.

From beginner to artist, Otto's practical tips

It's difficult and I don't feel like I'm the only one Gradients, let's master them now!

Practice natural gradations while drawing a cool sunset landscape, and acrylic painting doesn't necessarily mean using only acrylic paint! Let's use a pigment pen to create a simple yet complete look. Here are some tips on what habits you should know when using brushes and different colors, and how to draw rich and complete pictures.

Are you hesitant to get started with landscape painting because it's difficult?

This is the snow forest hut we'll draw in this class!

In that case, it's a good idea to draw more and more by simplifying.

My hands and feet are so tight just looking at it! I'm getting sick A hut in a snowy forest(Class 101 is a new version!) While trying to express The serenity of the early morning, the sensibility of the morning airI will draw a picture containing.

Learn the color and shape of the waves, and even the shallow part where the seawater changes with depth!

You'll learn how to make it feel like a real ocean.

Let's draw a picture of a beautiful sea that you can't eat.

(Seawater is always salty, so you shouldn't really eat it)

There's nothing like going home after work! Relaxed, hazy sunset skyThis is it! We'll learn about the mild flavor of the sunset, and even draw a spicy sunset scene using all the techniques we've learned so far. If you've made it this far, you're ready to draw a great emotional picture even with your own photos!

Starting with the basics of acrylic, so that you can practice enough

“It was definitely a stick, but suddenly it turned into a tree. Is Oto-san a wizard?”

On YouTube, I used the word “rough” a lot. Because of that, the difficulty level increased rapidly. In this class, don't be rude! Really! properly! Carefully so that you can learn from the basics I'm ready.

I'm going to give you a variety of tips so that you can fully practice the parts you find difficult.

  • compositionwith clairvoyance How to understand with certainty
  • Precious ingredients How to use it well for a long time
  • Oto's Some tips you should know when taking pictures
  • My paint becomes turbid just by mixing...Appropriate way to mix colors

I wonder where people draw well from the beginning.

There was a time when Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso didn't know much about painting like you. Drawing skills increase depending on who draws a lot of pictures for a longer period of time. If you really want to draw well, be persistent, don't give up and draw with me. I'll let you know slowly!





Hello, I'm 'Oto', a YouTuber who draws mongle-eyed pictures with an emotional visual beauty! (❁ '80` ❁)/”

New videos are being uploaded to YouTube in real time, and there are millions of images alone. However, many people's videos focus only on painting, and there are many people who forget the natural beauty behind the picture.

I started YouTube because I wanted to make a relaxing video that I would keep watching from boring, fast-paced YouTube picture videos and that I would love to follow along. It's very difficult for me to do everything from planning to shooting, editing, and channel management on my own, but I feel a lot of pride and happiness when subscribers who have never caught a brush can draw while watching my videos!

Let's all have a relaxing and relaxing time with me and create your own work.



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