9 chapters · 5 hours 48 minutes
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Using acrylic paint
6 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 5 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Pastel transparent sea

  • yellow flower garden

  • pink clouds and full moon

  • Blue sky, pink clouds

  • Abstraction with rich textures

  • A tree in the night sky

Skills You’ll Learn

How to use acrylic paints and tools

Characteristics of acrylic paints and how to use the tools needed to draw

Toning paint

Characteristics of acrylic paints, how to use the tools needed to draw

Natural gradation techniques

How to make gradients naturally easy

Clouds, moon texture depiction

How to describe three-dimensional cloud and moon textures

How to use acrylic supplements

How to use acrylic supplements with a decorative fresh cream-like texture

How to describe transparent waves

How to express transparent pastel waves shining through sand

Art school “Muntelier” class in my room!

Hello, I'm Moon Sam, and I run the adult hobby art school 'Moon Ttelier'. I teach a lot of beginners in painting. Also, I feel a sense of happiness when I see how beginners like it as they learn painting, and how proud they are when they see the finished work. For beginners not only offline but also online, “I can draw a picture like this with my own hands!” I want to give you the joy and happiness of doing so.

Can beginners try acrylics?

What is acrylic painting A material that combines the advantages of watercolor and oil paintingIt's. Like watercolors, it can be drawn using only water, and it can also show a thick, rich texture like an oil painting. It's so similar that it's hard for beginners to tell acrylic and oil paintings apart when they look at the finished work, but the drying time is short Very convenient material for beginners to handleThis is it:)

Complete 6 works in one class

We have conducted numerous one-day classes and carefully selected the most popular works. In the class, you will learn a total of 6 works, and I will teach you everything from basic elements to detailed description methods so that you can freely apply the lesson content and continue painting work after the course is over.

If you are stubborn in the class, you will be able to apply the techniques you have learned to draw a variety of pictures on your own from beginning to end! We plan to use a generously sized canvas so that it can also be used as an interior accessory, and try using acrylic aids and knives that give a thick touch!

Introducing the Moontelier Class!

However, from how to use acrylated materials to storage tips!

For beginners, I'll explain in detail what acrylic paint is, how to use a brush, and how to store it, so that beginners can learn everything from how to use the materials to the details. Of course, there are tips on how to use ingredients for a long time!

2. Create your own color by painting it yourself

If you want to draw acrylic paintings, you first need to know how to combine colors to create the desired color, right? From gentle pastel tones to atmospheric, calm colors, you'll learn by creating and painting various colors on your own canvas board.

Three, the basics of acrylation! Learn gradients

You can learn how to make gradations while expressing a sparkling night sky, how to express stars, and even the effects of sparkling expressions. I'll teach you how to make a natural gradation, which is difficult for most beginners, and my own know-how to do it easily and naturally! As a final point, draw a three-dimensional tree! Let's also learn how to give a business card to a tree.

4. Try to express soft clouds in pastel tones

I'm also going to draw clouds using gradients. Depending on the color and size, you can express clouds with various moods. Let's also learn how to express soft clouds and skies with the color of your choice. I'll also give you tips for using clear pastel colors without getting cloudy!

5. Apply clouds all together to express a full moon

You'll also learn how to express a cluttered cloud with a different feel. At the end of this work, you will be able to freely express the feeling and shape of the sky you want. Have a healing time while drawing a sky with a variety of feelings, and present your own work to loved ones around you!

6. Using acrylic supplements to express a colorful three-dimensional effect

I'm going to make the paint look like fresh cream with acrylic supplements. Then, using a knife, place them one by one in a lively manner, like petals. If you use supplements, you can express works with quite a variety of feelings!

7. Create your own abstraction with free colors and textures

This abstraction can create a variety of moods depending on color combinations and touch styles. Let's create your own abstraction together with your favorite color combinations and a free sense of touch.

Eight, the highlight of the Muntelier class! transparent sea drawing

Wouldn't you like to plunge into the cool waters right away? My own know-how to express the transparent sea reflected from the bottom! I'll teach you each one in detail. I plan to draw slowly and step by step so that beginners can easily follow along.

If you clear your mind and delicately express the waves one by one, you will experience a situation where time passes and becomes “pure”.

Let's draw beautiful pictures together:)





Hallo I'm Moon Sam, who runs the Japanese style room “Moon Studio.” I teach painting by helping many people who have never learned painting and are afraid to get started. I would like to share my know-how with a focus on what many beginners commonly find difficult or curious about while drawing:) I will carefully select the most popular paintings for 2 years so that you can draw a variety of interesting pictures. Above all, I would like to give you a healing time by teaching them step by step so that even beginners who are new to painting can draw in an easy and fun way:)

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