9 chapters · 19 hours 21 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

Skills You’ll Learn

Get to know opaque watercolors

This is a time to get used to making colors, starting with the basic colors of opaque watercolors.

Portrait coloring basics and finishing methods

Let's try coloring characters using techniques we've learned.

Observe and express the texture of objects

Learn how to observe and express things in order to draw more delicately

Understanding basic clairvoyance

I will try to create a space by understanding 1,2,3 point clairvoyance.

My illustration idea

Learn how to materialize rough from an idea.

Complete my illustration

If you've done this far, you'll be able to draw enough pictures on your own!

Have you ever daydreamed about the daily life of imaginary friends? How about wanting to put those imaginations together into something, such as an illustration? This course is for anyone who wants to portray their daydream as a finished illustration. I will help you to capture your imagination on a paper using Gouache.

Throughout the class, you will learn how to draw human and animal characters and add narratives behind the scenes. Sometimes our imagination comes from everyday life. I will show you how to connect the daily life and those characters to tell your story. My course will help you to paint your favorite characters and the life around them using gouache, using different exercises and missions. You will also receive my 1:1 feedback to improve your illustration.

At the end of the course, you will fully understand Gouache as materials and different skills to create the completed Gouache illustration from scratch. If you like the watercolor’s lightness and generosity of acrylic painting, Gouache would be a perfect match for you.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy painting and completing an illustration. I firmly believe that painting has to be exciting and fun.

This course is also excellent for people with any painting skills, from beginners to intermediate. I will help you master Gouache, explore what you like, and create an original illustration with your favorite things.

If you are going through a creator’s block and need an escape, please join me. I will share my experiences, process of completing an illustration, and journey to understand that I love to paint despite the blocks in between.





Hi, my name is NOMA, an illustrator.

I portray my daydream on paper using Gouache.







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