9 chapters · 10 hours 54 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Contouring with pen

Learn how to start your sketches with contouring.

The basics of watercolor

Learn various techniques of watercolors and easily draw various objects.

Tips for drawing small objects and landscapes

Learn easy ways to draw objects and scenery you see in everyday life.

Simplifying complex buildings

Learn how to simplify many types of shop facades into easy drawings.

Using one point perspective

Learn about perspective theory to draw more realistic, 3D sketches.

Using simple human representation and two-point perspective

Learn how to simplify even the most complex European scenes.

Drawing scenery with details

Combine everything you’ve learned to create more complex scenes.

Challenge your travel drawing practice

Learn about taking your drawing into everyday life.

Hello, I'm Jeon Boram, the representative of Finden Art. I lived a fierce life teaching drawing to students. I was always drawing, but there was an unquenchable thirst in the corner of my heart. So, I went on a trip to Europe with the sole intention of painting.

Draw your own travel pictures anytime, anywhere!

Wherever I left, if there was a scene I liked, I drew a picture on the spot. The trip I took to satisfy my thirst for painting brought many changes in my life.

Everyone's dream travel drawing, don't just dream anymore.

I wanted to share the moments I felt while painting while traveling, and the emotions of that time, so I have held small exhibitions and offline classes.

I opened a class to share practical travel drawing skills and hacks with more people.

We go on a trip to find some time away from our familiar daily life. However, the relaxed feeling I felt while traveling tends to fade over time. Photos are often not enough to revive the emotions of that time.

I remember the feelings of that time with the pictures drawn with my fingertips.

It is a work drawn by the student himself.

So I hope you all try travel drawings. When you open the sketchbook, the magic of teleporting you to the place in the picture unfolds. You will have a wonderful experience where the scenery, air, and hand movements at the moment you were painting unfold like a movie.

Paintings during travel make connections and make memories clearer.

When I went to Haarlem, Germany, I decided to present a painting to thank for the warm hospitality of the hostel staff. I carefully drew the crooked and messy lines. A staff member of the hostel sat next to me and started drawing along, saying that he would try to draw too.

So we completed the memories of the moment with pictures.

Looking back, the insignificant moments remain as precious memories, as a single picture. All of these are the values that travel drawings bring. Now, I want to share it with many people through the Class 101 online class!

What do you learn?

First, learn the sketching technique of observing and drawing well.

Do you remember opening the paper to draw a picture, but not sure where to start and how to draw?

Have you ever felt frustrated because you didn't know how to put the image in front of her on paper?

it's okay. We will teach you step-by-step from how to observe and sketch an object. From the basics to various pen drawing techniques, anyone can easily complete a single sketch!

Two, learn how to paint with watercolors that is simple but maximizes its charm.

Traveling with a lot of luggage is the worst! If you carry all your paints, water bottles, and brushes, your trip will become cumbersome. Using my experience of drawing in various countries, I will teach you how to paint with watercolors, which is easy to paint with a simple tool, but maximizes its charm.

Third, learn tips on how to draw everything from props to landscapes and architecture.

Four, let's go with Finden Art, travel drawing practice!

I filmed the moment I took a picture while on a real trip. Imagine your own travel drawings through Finden Art's video!

Travel drawing, did you only dream?

Now, record your trip with Finden Art





Illustrator Findenart

@finden_art @finden_jbr

I started drawing when I traveled. It was a very different experience from just taking photos and leaving. When I opened my sketchbook after a trip, I felt different emotions than when I look through an album of photos. It felt more immersive and special.

A lot of people were envious of my drawings from my travels. But the pictures we draw are for ourselves, so you don't have to be as good as artists. I hoped that a lot of people would want to feel the same way as I did about my travel drawings, so I held a small exhibition, and started a workshop.

I'm constantly teaching online and offline classes, and I'm constantly drawing pictures with many students.

I am looking forward to the day I can draw and travel with my future child :)





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