11 chapters · 15 hours 19 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

Using Maca and Pen
10 Class Projects

It takes about 1 to 3 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Toast brunch eaten in America

  • Unforgettable flavors, Japanese ramen & sushi

  • European desserts & cakes that were too much to eat

  • Vintage cafe in Nagoya, Japan

  • Clear Day, European Alley - 1 Point Perspective

  • Evening, view of traditional Tokyo houses — 2-point perspective

  • A trip to France drawn in the form of a map

  • A collection of various drawing tips

  • A collection of various drawing tips

  • A collection of various drawing tips

Skills You’ll Learn

Liner Pen Basics

Learn to use the liner pen for sketching.
The artist will teach you the basics as well as how to employ the pen to sketch different settings.

Marker Color Selection

Learn how to choose and blend different marker colors and create a color fusion of your own unique personality and ideas.

Markers A to Z

I will teach you about different marker coloring techniques! Solid Color, Compound Colors, Mixed Colors, Gradient, and Many More!

Travel Drawing Tips

Delve deeper into depicting different textures, coloring, and shading.

Perspective Drawing

Learn various perspective drawing techniques that will instill depth and dimension in your drawings.

Hello, I'm Rini.

Thanks to many people's love for my first class "Detailed Urban Sketches With Only a Pen," which I dealt the basics of drawing, I got to open my second class about travel/daily drawing using markers and pens!

I majored in painting and I've only been drawing all my life. Now, drawing has become a profession, and I have conducted classes with many people online and offline. Thanks to your support, I get to share with you all the drawing tips I have accumulated so far!

Have you ever thought about drawing, but didn't know where to start? You can do it now!

But in any drawing, 'what and how to learn' is the most important thing.

Travel and urban drawing classes are very popular these days. Whether it’s travel drawing or other genre, the most important thing is ‘Can I apply what I learned from the class and draw on my own?’ I'm sure that's what you want to get out of this class as well.

You shouldn't just copy when drawing,

You should be able to understand why you need to draw this way.

This is the lesson goal that I always emphasize, just like last time. There will be a lot of cases where you wouldn't know what to do and how to draw on your own, so copying is not a good practice. You need to learn how to draw, why you have to draw that way, and apply in many drawings, for you to be able to draw on your own.

The place you saw, the feelings you had at the time. Draw them with Markers & Pens.

Why draw them in this age when you can take great photos with your cell phone? I think the reason is because you can capture your feeling of the time and express it with your own method. Even if we look at the same thing, each person can feel different about it. Drawing is the only way to express the difference. Let's draw together how we can better capture the atmosphere and momentary emotions that you feel during your trip and daily life.

Markers, they are really convenient and good...

But why does my drawing look cheesy when I use it?

This class is going to give you a lot of travel/daily drawing tips. You can create different moods with a marker and pen. Depending on where and what kind of pen line is used, it can make drawing much more vibrant. We can change the the atmosphere of the painting completely by applying different colors.

Some of you may be new to markers, and some of you may have already used them before. I'm sure some of you may have questioned, 'Why is my drawing awkward, cheesy, and not pretty when I use markers?' It's because you don't know enough about markers yet. I will teach you the basics of using markers, how to mix the colors to make your drawing more stylish, and coloring techniques in this class.

For the first-timers,

And for those who are taking my class for the second time.

'I've never painted before. Can I do it?'

My answer is 'Yes!!! you could!!!' 100%.

I have met many students through CLASS101 and other drawing classes offline. They were all new to drawing, and everyone walked out of the class with a piece, which nobody thought was painted by first-timers. Despite your concerns, you can follow along. I'll bring out the abilities that you never knew you had.

For those of you who have taken my ‘Detailed Urban Sketches With Only a Pen’ class, I'd like to remind you that I'll focus on teaching you the tips for travel drawings and how to color with markers. I'll of course tell you the tips I didn't give in the previous class as well!

Follow the videos step by step, and you will be proud to see your progress!

Now, let's pick a marker, pen, and drawing book and start the journey!





"Hello. My name is Rini. I'm an illustrator and I've been drawing for a while now! I'm currently a freelance digital illustration artist and I also run drawing classes.

Wow, It's been 4 years now since I first started teaching drawing. I met and interacted with so many different people through teaching drawing on and offline. Seeing my students first get exposed to drawing and finding joy also makes me very happy.

Reality can be stressful for everyone and I hope my class can be your own stress-free zone where you can come to just relax and enjoy. Let's start drawing together!"





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