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The Beginner’s Guide to Art: Drawing with Markers and Colored Pencils


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It's such a shame that the class is already over. I didn't feel stressed at all, learned so much, and had so much fun! :) It’s a great class for beginners. I’ll be waiting for your next class! 🙏🙏🙏

-by Papadol

I saw a pretty house on Instagram and wanted to draw it! I still don't like the composition and coloring and I don't know what to do; Still, it's my first work I drew by myself, so I'm proud ^^

-by luv_weenie

I'm actually learning how to bake, so I drew more types of bread, but it's not easy. I’m going to try again once I’m finished with the basics! I added ciabatta, toast, cornbread, a strawberry Danish, and blueberry bagel. The strawberries look a bit awkward, haha. I need to practice more.

-by Kwon Jireum

Start your drawing journey here

Have you been wanting to draw again? To pick up a pencil and some paper and just create? This class was designed for beginners, to teach you the basic techniques of drawing with markers and colored pencils. Through this class, you will build a strong foundation for art.

An overview of the class

The class consists of 4 chapters, and you will make a total of 5-10 works of art throughout the class. It takes about 10 to 20 minutes to create a work. The time you need will vary depending on the speed of your progress.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Together, we will draw a small picture every day with markers and colored pencils. I like the analog feel of black and white silent movies, where the technology wasn't developed. I don't think that only people with brilliant skills and excellent talent can paint. I thought I wanted to convey a warm message that I forgot, which I couldn't find in digital. In this class, we are going to take the time to share the emotions.

A preview of the class

I listened to as many people as I could when creating the class, and tried to adjust and modify the curriculum based on a number of opinions. I know I can't satisfy everyone, but I did my best to prepare. For this class for beginners, I will teach slowly for people new to art and drawing. It may be a bit uncomfortable and slow for people who already have a good grasp on drawing. You will draw illustrations by mimicking my style, but I hope that after the class is over, you can complete drawings with your own story.

Yesterday's life, which is easy to forget, the dream-like notions of today, the fluttering promises of tomorrow that have not yet come. Your story begins with all these moments. Just start to draw, little by little, and let your imagination fill the page.

Your artistic journey starts here.

Drawing with Sungkyou Bae.



Welcome to Sungkyou Bae’s Drawing Class


At the Bakery


At the Botanical Garden


At Home Alone


On Your Travels


Congratulations on Finishing the Class!


Dexterous_bae (Bae Sung-kyu)

Dexterous_bae (Bae Sung-kyu)

Hello, I’m Bae Sungkyou, a freelance illustrator who runs the graphics studio 'Ending Credit'.

I'm also working as a calligraphy designer!

Are you having a special day?

Have you ever forgotten the preciousness of that trivial everyday life?

Every day is happy and dreamy, and I talk about those special moments.

It's been 5 years since I started a job as a freelance artist after I resigned from a design company because I wanted to draw what I wanted to, not the ones I was asked to.

I'm working hard in various fields such as illustration, cosmetic package, fashion brand, album cover, exhibition, franchise cafe illustration, and corporate collaboration!

[Men's clothing brand-Allzen CGV theater advertisement]

[Amore Pacific-Primera Watery Moisture Cream Package and Main Poster Illustration]

[Cafe Pascucci-Jeju Island Limited Edition Illustration Mug]

[Outback Steakhouse - Illustrated Collaboration Work]

[Daniel Wellington-Watch Illustration Work]

[Woori Bank-'Work Together, Us' Project Illustration Work]

A warm illustration to talk about

As an illustrator, I started to take my first steps sincerely and started as an artist in 2015 after being elected to the Naver Portfolio Storypick Artist Contest.

I drew about the time of the day that a puppy called 'Chapsaldok', a puppy that looks white and chewy like glutinous rice cake, dreams. It's a picture of everyday life that we face everywhere, including houses, streets, and cafes.

When I applied, I wanted to communicate with many people through my illustrations rather than achieve the goal of being elected. The reason I started painting when I was young was because I liked people communicating with my drawings.

I was selected as the Top Creator of Naver Portfolio in 2015 and 2016 as I was working on a ‘Chapsaldok,’ and personally I was loved by so many people.

I wanted to convey the textures of analog by fully using the analog feeling and warm materials and colors of black and white silent movies before technology was developed.

By presenting the beauty that has already passed. I thought that times of brilliant visual effects or surprisingly new plot developments weren't all too close.


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