11 chapters · 12 hours 17 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Using a Pen

From drawing lines to adding contrast, learn the basics of ballpoint pen drawing.

Drawing Faces

Learn and understand the shapes of the face, then add the facial features.

Drawing the Hair

Learn how to naturally and gracefully express various types of hair.

Drawing at Different Angles

Learn how to draw characters in different poses and angles.

Themed Illustrations

Learn how to use the background and objects to complete a themed illustration.

Hello, this is Bad Pharmacy

I am a cartoonist and illustrator. I have opened a class to teach those who have felt that drawing is complicated and difficult, as well as those who have difficulty in drawing with ballpoint pens. I will show you how to visualize your illustration and how to handle the ballpoint pen well.

Create Your Own World with a Ballpoint Pen

When I was dreaming of being a cartoonist, tablets were a very expensive and foreign tool for me as a student. The ink and nibs felt too difficult and cumbersome, and the liner pens were too short.When you open the pencil case, everyone has a couple of pens, right? It is an easy-to-find tool, and that was one of the biggest reasons I chose the ballpoint pen as my tool.

Even though I started using a ballpoint pen because everyone has one and they could be easily purchased, the expressions I could use with a ballpoint pen were richer than I thought.

You can adjust the concentration at intervals of the line, and you can also adjust the strength and weakness with pen pressure. The ballpoint pen has a sharp and soft charm that is different from digital or pencil work.

A Familiar but Foreign Friend, the Ballpoint Pen

The ballpoint pen. A tool that you can easily find in everyday life. But anyone who has ever painted with a ballpoint pen will know. I'm not a very good opponent.

The ballpoint pen is a tool whose results vary greatly depending on the angle of grasping, the force of drawing, and the direction. It has the disadvantage that it is difficult to control, but it also has the advantage that you can use it to create various effects.

In my class, you will gradually learn how to handle this familiar yet unfamiliar friend and the types of scenes you can draw with this tool.

Laying the Foundation - How to Draw Figures

How to shape a character

All objects and the human body are transformations of basic shapes. If you dig up the details without laying the foundation, the picture becomes difficult and complicated, and loses its shape. I will show you from the simple form to the stacking and detailing to complete the figure.

Understanding the structure of your hair

Portraits with Detail - Use the Hands

The hand is the body part that humans use most, and it is also a means to express emotions. You can show tenderness with hands held together and strong hope with overlapping hands.

I will tell you how to draw hands well and how to express your emotions using hand poses.

Completing an Illustration - Background and Objects

It’s time to draw the good things you wrote before starting drawing. Let's draw the scenery and emotions of everyday life that you like and combine them with a character drawing. A very nice illustration will be completed.

If the picture feels complicated and difficult, let's start with an easier one. Draw a line, erase any parts you don't like, and try drawing again. Not everyone can draw well from scratch. But you will see yourself improving bit by bit. I can help.

I hope everyone who decides to take this class will learn how to draw and have fun. I hope you will be able to find your own style, while recording and drawing things around you, your favorite photos, and your feelings. :)

Your own character world.



Bad Pharmacy

Bad Pharmacy

Hello, I'm Bad Pharmacy, a cartoonist and illustrator. I wrote and drew “Unlucky Mansion”, “A Killing Death Declaration”, and “Seoha”. I have been active as a cover illustrator for various novels and am also active as a YouTube creator. :)







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