12 chapters · 8 hours 39 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

Using iPad, Photoshop, and Illustrator
7 Class Projects

It takes about 1 to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • borderless seal sticker

  • engraving seal sticker

  • masking tape

  • Mochi memo paper

  • Wrapping paper

  • phone case

  • AirPods keyring

Skills You’ll Learn

Using Procreate

I'll show you how to use the iPad drawing app Pro Creatively and how to use it

Using Photoshop and Illustrator

You can try to create more vivid and clean goods with Photoshop and illustrations

Envision your own character

Capture and imagine my story and characteristics, and find the right lines and colors for the characters

Complete your character

Enrich the character by drawing various movements and props for the character according to the situation

Make 6 kinds of various goods based on the lesson content

Learn how to use product-specific programs and how to print and order from a company

A sneak peek at how Boomchum Studio sells goods

Learn everything you need to know about selling goods, from copyright to packaging methods and making sales forms

Welcome to Boomboom's Merchandise World!

Hello, an illustrator who draws cute stories from everyday life Boomchum Studioof Boom-hoIt's.Through this class, I want to teach you all about how to create your own unique character, and how to make and sell goods with that character.

Use iPad Pro Create for everything from character design to drawing

Complete a one-of-a-kind character!

In order to create special goods, I'll first create a character that captures my daily life! Idea sketchFrom Lines and colors that match the characterI will search for and draw characters in various situations to complete them.

I'll teach you everything from A to Z of making and selling goods in this class!

What you need to know in order to order goods from a manufacturer Photoshopet illustrators I'll show you how to use the program.Also, many people were curious Color on a computer screenet The color of the actual printed productI've prepared everything, even how to adjust!From packaging to Naver FormHow to sell using, etc. Tips you should know when selling goodsDon't miss them either.

Let's find out what to look out for when ordering goods and which companies to buy!

I'll tell you all the things you need to know when ordering each item, such as masking tape, key rings, cell phone cases, rice cake memo paper, wrapping paper, etc., how to order, and even the vendors.[masking tape]

[Mochi memo paper, sticker]

[Cell phone case]

[AirPods keyring]

For those of you who wanted to try making goods but didn't know how to get started, I've been making goods Experience and know-howI want to tell you about it step by step!

Use this class as your own character The fun of making goodsPlease feel it!

📍 If you have any questions while taking the class, In-class comment functionPlease use! We don't respond via Instagram DM.:)



This is Boomboom from Boomchum Studio, which depicts everyday stories with cuteness.

I'm making a variety of illustration goods that capture the cute and cute stories of the four characters from Boomchum Studio.

I didn't even have a sense of how to make illustrations into merchandise from the beginning. However, there was a lot of trial and error in setting up the character and deciding on the concept.

If you don't know how to use the basic tools of Photoshop and Illustrator, or how to create a character, why not try creating a character with me?

If you want to create a variety of goods with characters that tell your own story, please feel free to drop by.

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