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Hartcock soap made in just three hours a day



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heart mold and soap base
2 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour to complete one class project.

  • Heart soap

  • Parts soap

Skills You’ll Learn

Embedding techniques

Learn how to put the soap in a small heart in transparent soap

The technique of putting in parts

Learn how to keep soap and parts separate

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About the class

Hello, I'm at the atelier today. It's a process where you can easily and quickly create beautiful results even if you've never made soap before.

Why don't you make an easy and beautiful soap with me?

This course explains in detail everything from melting the soap base to the process of pouring it into a mold.

If you slowly follow the course content together, anyone can produce the same results as me!

Course effect

  • In this class, you can learn how to melt a soap base in a microwave and how to make small mini heart soap
  • You can learn how to put the soap inside so that the soap doesn't separate
  • You can learn how to pack soap for gifts

Recommended classes

  • Those who want to have a little fun in a free everyday life
  • Those who want an experience they can do with children
  • Those who like to make things by hand
  • People who have always been interested in soap

What makes this class special

It's a process that even those who have never made soap can follow without difficulty.

It's a process where you can create beautiful results easily and quickly, so if you follow the order in which they appear in the video, even beginners can get results they like.

If you've never made soap, don't worry

This is a lecture that details everything from soap making to the packaging process

If I only have a microwave, I can make beautiful soap at home with my lessons.








Atelier onl

Atelier onl

Watching a child suffering from pore keratosis while giving birth to and raising a daughter

I began to be interested in natural soap after thinking about what I could do for you.

While learning about soap, I changed all the body products that children use on the market to natural

The child's symptoms of bathing and scratching his body as if he were lying began to slowly disappear.

After spending such a long time with soap, naturally

I think I also started a soap shop because I was looking for something I could enjoy doing.


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