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8 Class Projects

It takes about hour(s) to complete each project.

  • [Basic Technique] Tree Forest

  • [Basic Technique] Mushroom

  • [Goodnight Series] Goodnight Rabbit

  • [Goodnight Series] Goodnight Duck

  • [Rage Panda] Dad and I

  • [Hoody Doll Series] Hoody Rabbit

  • [Hoody Doll Series] HOODIE HONEY BEAR

  • [Hoody Doll Series] Hoody Chipmunk

Skills You’ll Learn

The basics of crocheting

You will learn the basics of knitting from basic knitting to flat knitting and circular knitting.

How to deal with special agents

Crocheting with fluffy threads requires careful application of techniques.

Create an eye hole to create a vibrant look

When expressing eyes, I use eye holes to further enhance the doll's expression.

Making a doll with moving arms and legs

You can make a doll with moving arms and legs by inserting wire.

Capture and express the characteristics of each animal

Capture the characteristics of each animal and make it into a doll using crochet techniques.

The world of crochet animal dolls made from fluffy threads!

I'm Vibri, knitting and embroidering cute dolls.

In class 101, it's already A class where you can learn the basics of crocheting and try making various dollsI've visited you before! The doll in the photo below was made in the first class!

Click on the picture to go to the first class of Vibri!

The first class For beginners, carefully start with the basics It was something I learned. Many people followed along well, and we have prepared this class for those who want to learn more in-depth content!

We'll start with the basics of crocheting, but we'll also learn more advanced techniques!

In this class, of course, you will learn the basic techniques of crocheting, but furthermore, even more How to use a variety of materialset Intermediate techniquesThey will also learn together.

Let's share the doll making process using a special agent that requires more meticulous and meticulous work! Also, Doll's jointsTry making it movable, or The process of making eye holes to make facial expressions more beautifulYou can raise your crochet level to the next level by learning.

Do you know the smooth feeling and appeal of a special agency?

I think of animal dolls as special people who feel fluffy and fluffy. Vibration-specific methods used to express the texture of hair or know-how for singular division I'll give you my back generously!

For those who use Special Agent for the first time We will send you plenty of ingredients so that you can think of 4 mushrooms, which is the initial curriculum, and 2 pieces of “Goodnight Rabbit” and “Goodnight Duck”!

Immerse yourself in the cute expression created by iHolo.

Unlike traditional crochet dolls Even facial expressions that make you feel unique and cute through eye hole work Let's make it. After going through this course, I leveled up a little more A crochet doll with a vibrant expressionYou'll be able to make it.

Whatever your arms and legs want! I make dolls with joints.

Let's make a doll with arms and legs that move separately so that detailed expression is possible. You can sit down, stand up with your legs extended, or your arms can rotate. Expand your crochet world even further by making dolls by inserting wires!

Let's try to express the characteristics of each animal as it is.

A duck's puffy mouth, a rabbit's playful ears, a panda's plump, cute body and sleepy eyes, a squirrel's rich tail, and even a bear's tongue sticking out! If you look at them one by one The more you look at animals, the cuter they are, the more you express them without missing out on every detailLet's try it. Of course, that process Vibry's unique know-howWe will be with you.

Too cute! I can make it with my own hands.
Let's do “Vibrate” with you today too!



by Bristudio

by Bristudio

I'm “Vibry,” an artist who crochets threads to make dolls and embroider. We run a hand knitting doll class under the name “Vibri” to let you know the happiness of knitting and making dolls. I also wrote a crochet doll book called “Vibry's Hand Knitting Doll Class.”

In the online class with you, I will teach you the process of making dolls, putting in cotton, and connecting them with many years of know-how. By the way, I'll show you not only the skill part, but also how to make beautiful dolls.

If you have any further questions, please visit me on Instagram and YouTube under the artist's name above! I hope we have a great class with all of you! ^-^/



바이브리 byBri studio

바이브리 byBri studio

스마트 스토어

스마트 스토어

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