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I'll make a picture book to draw and record lovely moments



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Learn colored pencils and maca
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It takes about 1-4 hours to complete one class project.

  • A total of 16P picture books

Skills You’ll Learn

Easy way to create characters

You can easily create your own character with basic shapes and lines.

How to color with maca and colored pencils

You can learn how to create deeper colors.

How to bring imagination to your paintings

Let me show you how to add imagination through word combinations.

Easy way to write

I'll show you how to find and record materials in everyday life.

How to weave text and pictures into a book

I'll let you know how to scan and binding easily.

Hallo I'm Isora, a painter.

I make picture books about lovely moments.

Hello, I'm making a picture book IsoraIt's called.

<Uncle Red Lion>with <Thank you all >I am the one who writes and draws pictures creative picture bookThis is it. I usually draw with maca and colored pencils.

I'm lovely The appearance of a childOr something like that,

The child likes Blue horse, A pretty girl I met while walking narcissus

We who hold our children tightly The appearance of three families, I warmly draw a picture of a child walking, etc. with a wide variety of colored pencil textures. Everything is just amazing in the eyes of a child on a walk, right? Crows and flowers in full bloom Friends I meet for the first timeThis is it.

You'll learn everything until a picture book is completed.

You can't ignore anything until you make a picture book Quite a few stepsI have one. What I learned and gained from publishing a few picture books Know-how and tipsI'll tell you all about it. Nowhere else in the world with me A picture book just for everyoneLet's make it.

Let's take a look at how they go through to complete a picture book.

Write the concept and story for a picture book.

The first thing you need to do is lovely Target and observeIt's about doing it. Very small, such as what it resembles, whether the right eye is bigger or smaller Minor featuresI'm going to write down what I hear. And from that characteristic, I get the point that will be the topic of this story. Another thing you should not forget is that the theme is in a picture book Speaker to talkIt's about deciding. Once you've decided on a speaker, the story is drawn up from the speaker's point of view.

I do imaging, sketch, and color.

What is a character Basic shapesLet's start with! The object is easily drawn and imaged. Then how to divide the story and put it in a picture book thumbnail sketchI'm going to do it. Divide the pages on A4 paper and make small sketches. I'll decide whether the content before and after matches, and how to compose it. Now that you've finished sketching the thumbnail, it's really sketchyI'll have to do it. In a post Point wordsCombine and sketch. Easy way to imageI'll let you know! Finally colouringI'm going to do it. When coloring, first of all, it determines the atmosphere of a picture book Representative colorI'm going to decide. Using maca and colored pencils together Deep colorI'll let you know so this can come out!

Finally, I'm going to finish the picture book.

If the story and picture are ready Print and bindSo I need to complete the picture book. We'll show you the details from scanning to printing and binding. The images that floated around in my head One bookWhen it came out as ExcitementLet's feel it together!

Loving kids, families, lovers, dogs, cats, houses, trees, nature, etc. Various materialsLet's make a picture book with. A small but lovely moment One picture bookYou can weave it into!

This dummy book, which I'm showing you as an example <My little friend>This is a picture book I'm making with the title. This book, made with heavy iron binding From pregnancy to childbirth, nowI'm drawing and writing a lovely picture of up to.

What does it mean to make a book A difficult and distant storyIt may sound like. But I've written several books I'll help you. Picture book's Pictures and storiesOf course How to print and bindI'll let you know all the details. It's not difficult together!

Let's draw and record all of these moments together and weave them into a picture book.



Welcome to Sora's picture book making class!


Find a story in a picture book


Thumbnail sketch with strengths and weaknesses


Easy drawing exercises




Color a picture book


Complete a picture book by scanning and binding


Congratulations on your stubbornness!




I'm Isora, a picture book artist who observes small things, writes, draws pictures, and compiles them into picture books.

I'm getting married, giving birth, raising children, and drawing.

A small sense of happiness that I had never felt before comes to me.

For example, when I saw a pine cone while walking with my child, a crow crying, and yellow leaves, I said, “Elegant!” The sight of a child shouting is adorable and even moving.

Being someone who gives me love is so precious. It could be a child, a family member, a loved one, a dog, a cat, or travel or food.

Let's write and draw pictures of this small, small happiness that always helps me through class, and make a one-of-a-kind picture book in the world together.


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