11 chapters ยท 7 hours 10 minutes
English ยท Japanese ยท Korean|Audio Korean

With a variety of manual work, photoshop, and in-design
7 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 6 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Writing a textured manuscript

  • Storyboard tasks

  • Thumbnail book work

  • Character design and drawing

  • Original image correction & text

  • Painting Story

  • Printing & Binding & Production Directing

Skills Youโ€™ll Learn

How to write a manuscript that tells a compelling story

I write manuscripts focusing on associative methods and keywords to set topics and directions.

Set a three-dimensional character based on personality

Design a character, which is the first visual element that is intuitively conveyed to readers.

Tips for using paper and materials based on keywords

Characteristics of paper and materials, durability, techniques to be careful about, and when printing

Drawings and paintings that express keywords well

I will tell you about the characteristics of the materials, precautions, and how to make illustrations by hand.

Effective cover, cover, and cover settings

Let's look for designs that capture content and evoke curiosity.

Fundamentals of Photoshop work and retouching

Here are some essential manuals and simple shortcuts that you use a lot and often.

Applying text with InDesign

Enrich your fairy tale book with easy-to-learn text editing features.

How to work as a writer

From printing, publishing, to contracts, I share stories I've never heard anywhere else.

I'm Totomei Shin Hyun Jung, a painter.

I'm an illustrator and picture book writerI am working as, and I am teaching illustration drawing at universities and graduate schools. In addition, we are working on illustration work and curation with domestic and overseas publishers, educational institutions, design companies, and businesses.

When consulting on picture book production, I often meet people who are looking for ways to publish works with their own stories and imaginations they have imagined. meantime Know-how I gained in the field and how to proceedI'm going to let you know step by step to listen to it.

A story drawn only in my head

Time to show the world

directorsBecoming, Story writerBecoming, character designerBecome, Publish your own collection of worksTry it. I'll help you put an end to a work you've only imagined. It can be any subject and content. So that I can take a picture book of my own after class I'll help you.

Can I make a picture book too?

Now it's time to finish that question.

Non-majorsFor those of you The color of the work I imaginedI'll help you find it and check it so that it's completed as a work. For majorsThey further developed their own projects, Works that strengthen your position as an artistLet's make it. Also, for those who need more detailed guidance 1:1 coaching ticketI would like to lead you to a more specific guide through.

From creating stories to publishing and selling

Make your own bookbinding or make a dummy book and publish it privatelyBy doing so, you can join hands with agencies to market to overseas publishers. Publisher by posting to Dummy BookHand in hand with Published writerIt works as, Domestic as well as overseas worksYou can also put it out. I'll tell you about all of these methods.

The first step to becoming a picture book writer,

Writing manuscripts and storyboards

์›๊ณ ์™€ ์Šคํ† ๋ฆฌ๋ณด๋“œ ์ž‘์„ฑ์›๊ณ ์™€ ์Šคํ† ๋ฆฌ๋ณด๋“œ ์ž‘์„ฑ

First, Structure and basics of picture booksAfter learning about, I take the time to refine little by little how to capture the story I think. Key keywordsSet Purpose of manuscriptAfter deciding, through evocative techniques Directing method and developmentLet's set it up? How to write engaging storyboardsI'll let you know.

Unique character design that will lead the work

The main character of the story I want to tell, Design attractive charactersI'll do it. We'll share tips on what characteristics to use according to the character's personality, and how to set them according to the character's size and role.

The gentle sensibility of picture books, hand-made illustrations

Then capture the character's appearance Hand illustratedI draw to make use of the cute feeling. Learn the differences and characteristics of various materials while being amazed at my character Suitable painting techniquesI'll help you find it. Paper texture testHere are some tips that real artists often use, such as how to do it!

With Photoshop and InDesign

Correcting and editing pictures

Once the pictures and story are organized, it's time to publish Edit files with digital programsI need a process to do that. Photoshop and IndesignUsing, I will learn very easily how to correct my illustrations to a higher degree of perfection, design the cover in an attractive way, and arrange the typography appropriately. I'll show you how to work with just one mouse, even if you're not familiar with computers!

Now it's time to write a book! Everything about printing

Now that you've organized what you want to include in your picture book, it's time to create an actual book! Printing options, colors, and editing checks I'll tell you more about the slightly complicated processes, etc. Choose the appropriate paper according to the binding setting direction and settings when printingLet's learn all of them?

About publishing, submission, and marketing

OK, now let's make my book known to more people? Publishers, AgenciesHow to post a file to, Meetings and contractsThings the poem discusses, marketingWhat should I do about it, How to publish abroad etc... I learned while working as an actual writer Field's vivid storyShare with all of them. striking How to brand yourself with merchandise, leaflets, and business cardsI will also inform you.

To be able to work steadily and for a long time

Continued activity is essential even after publication. Differences in sales between individuals and businesses, funding and lectures, collaboration with outsourcing, etc. Various projects, revenue opportunities, and activity directions possible as an artistI'll tell you about

The path to becoming a writer is difficult, but it's just as exciting and fun!

My own stories that I drew with excitement and excitement in my heart. Why don't we work together as an artist while making a great presentation to the world? Learn how to effectively create and direct stories An artist with her own colorI'll help you become one.





Fill the world with your own stories

I am illustratorsI'm working as.

and Picture book artistIt is active as.

and Curation and planning worket wartime, lecturingI'm also doing it.

I've been talking a lot with pictures and working on projects.


For those who need help before or after starting a work, or before or after publication

I can now let you know step by step.

Let's make good relationships in the future.

Thank you. ^--^ โ™ฅ

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