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Skills You’ll Learn

Draw a pattern with iPad and ProCreate

You can compose the whole picture and fill it with various decorations to draw colorful paper-cut designs yourself

Draw a pattern that captures the silhouette of the object

It's very easy to create a pattern by laying out a photo and drawing a silhouette shape

Paper-cut flowers, cut patterns

Learn how to cut paper cuts, from how to hold a knife to cutting difficult circles

Choosing and choosing paper with a variety of charms

I know the characteristics of paper and can choose a paper suitable for the theme of the work

Create a variety of works that will be a special gift

I make various works such as cake toppers, three-dimensional postcards, garlands, mobiles, etc.

Drawing the basic elements of paper cutting

I draw a variety of individual flowers and leaves, which are the most basic elements of the pattern

Draw lettering commonly used on toppers and postcards

Take advantage of the appeal of various patterns by drawing embossed and engraved letters

What can a sheet of paper become?

Hello, paper cutting artist Choi Hyang-miIt's. Paper cutting may seem a bit unfamiliar, but just like a typical illustration Start by drawingIt will be. The only difference is that a cutting process is added at the end!

I can make it with my own drawings

Looking at complex paper-cutting works Trying to draw a pattern yourselfI've seen a lot of people who don't think this is easy to overdo. When it comes to drawing a paper-cut pattern A constant patternThere's one! Once you draw it, it's better than you think The rules of painting are simpleYou'll know that.

How can I draw a pattern with iPad and Pro Create, everything I have knowhowI'll let you know. If you follow along slowly Your one and only paper cutting design in the worldYou can draw. Digital drawings that are easy to modifyIf you proceed to, it's not difficult at all:)

It gives you time to calm down your thoughts

Is it really all hand cut?

How long is it time to cut out a drawn pattern with a knife It's really easier and more fun than I thought. Listen to your favorite songs or organize your thoughts, because you only need to follow them slowly with your eyes and cut them by hand Only the fingertips are square All you have to do is move.

Time to fully immerse myself in my work and to myselfI want to share how important this is. It was a bit difficult to cut them one by one An experience where the stress of everyday life disappears imperceptiblyYou can do it. When I look back at the work I finished so slowly later, I think of that moment all over again. All my memories will be captured on a sheet of paper. Maybe paper cutting A tool to heal the mindI can see it as.

I make thirteen works of eight different kinds

The appeal of paper cutting is that after learning how to draw a pattern Being able to freely transform to create endless worksThis is it. Basic floral and plant-like patternsFrom drawing, Patterns that capture lettering and silhouettesI'll show you all the ways to draw.

For each chapter How to draw a pattern in a specific styleAfter learning, I cut out the finished design Experience firsthand the whole process of creating a papercutting workI've structured the curriculum so that I can do it.

From digital drawings to analog works

What are the advantages of paper cutting Being able to keep my paintings as finished copies that you can touch right awayThis is it. Making a special day even more special cake topperWith a heart of gratitude from postcards, There is only one such thing as a mobile and a garland Interior accessoriesYou can also make it.

I gave it to my favorite cafe and became a regular!

someone's The words of a name or favorite poemLet's make a work that includes? You can draw a silhouette of your pet or loved one together, or create a single piece that makes the space more special. Like this The world of paper cutting is truly limitlessYes:)

The experience of drawing and cutting a picture step by step

primer Printed pattern, knife, mat, and paper to be used as artworkI will prepare. In a detailed lecture design fileWe will provide you with, so don't worry:)

I'll put the pattern on the paper so that it doesn't move, and then carefully cut it out one by one. It may seem hard to look at, but once you try it, it's easier than you think! It's like coloring a drawn picture with colored pencils, Slowly cutting along the border of a drawn pictureThat's all.

A work of art for a loved one

Paper cutting can enrich the atmosphere when you are with grateful people on a special day. A sheet of paper makes a pleasant moment more beautiful It will be a lasting memory. How about adding paper cutting art to a bouquet of flowers for a loved one? When I give you a one-of-a-kind papercutting copy as a gift, it's really A happy smile you won't forgetYou can watch.

Let's make a one-of-a-kind work together?

Drawing a paper-cut pattern is just I went to the driving range with a computer sign pen You can think of it as drawing. Rather, you don't have to learn complex contrasts, coloring, or human body drawing I can draw a picture as it is It's very easy. What is a paper-cutting pattern technique for drawing a clean border like this Very useful for drawing or designing any number of different picturesIt's used to do it.

I'll tell you everything about paper cutting

A paper-cut piece that specially decorates the day you want to celebrate

Other than this, how to choose the right paper, how to use a knife effectively and safely, how to cut a pattern more beautifully and easily, etc. Various tips I've learned from working as a paper cutting artistI'll let you know. What should I do Your own highly finished papercutting workI'll tell you all the know-how to see if it can be created.

Even if you look at paper cutting Pretty thingWhen you make it beyond, it's amazing stabilityWhen you give a gift, it's big euphoriaIt's a special art that gives. With more people through this class The appeal of paper cuttingI would like to share.





We collaborated with various companies to present original works in magazine photoshoots, product packages, and advertisements. In 2015, we published the paper cutting art book “Blooming” for the first time in Korea, introducing the genre of paper cutting art to the public and making it a hobby. Thanks to its popularity, she published “Blooming Second,” “Blooming Third,” “Blooming Fourth,” and “Memories of Paper,” and also published in the UK and Japan. In 2018, she held a solo exhibition “Blooming in Romance” at a portfolio gallery located in Samcheong-dong, Seoul.

I want to have a romantic time, and I hope that the works I created while living like that will make many people happy.



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