Skills You’ll Learn

Learn basic theory

Learn the basic rules of Go that make it possible to win big, and solve problems.

How to make my house bigger

Learn combat techniques to reduce your opponent's area and increase your own area.

Explanation of practical news

Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when they're a beginner and how many are better.

Enjoying Go

Learn how to enjoy Go and Korean professional drivers who are active in major countries around the world.

Students' reviews

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Is there a high entry barrier to Go?

It's easy and fun for everyone to get started with Go Stance!

Since people in their 20s and 30s are just trying to learn Go, most Go classes are aimed at children, and the Go broadcasts that the elderly often watch are monotonous, boring, and it's easy to lose interest.

Even if you know basic rules such as how to build a house right away, how to pick stones, and the ban on starting, most people don't know how to start right away on that wide checkerboard.

What should I study first...
Can I improve my skills by doing this?

Beginner's classes in Go Stance include not only a regular curriculum such as Go rules, classics, and paving stones, but also ways to build Go skills online, such as TaiGem and Han Game, and an introduction to Go clubs, etc. All courses suitable for beginners to enjoy Go I'll guide you.

An introduction to Go with Go posture

With Go,

I can talk all day without saying a word.

Psychological warfare, number fighting, calculation ability, and judgment are all intertwined A comprehensive abstract strategy game, Go. In an age where the average life expectancy is 100, Go is a hobby that can be enjoyed for a long time even at an age where activity has declined. In Go, the style of the game changes drastically depending on which slot you place a stone in one turn. So depending on what kind of person plays Go That person's personality is drawn as it is on a checkerboardThis is really fun.

You are,
Is it an aggressive style that faces confrontation without missing an opportunity?
Is it a clever style that aims for an opponent's loophole?

Since men and women of all ages can enjoy it together in front of a checkerboard, the Go they have learned now will be a fun hobby not only now but also in the future. particularly Fight with head rather than strengthBecause of this, women can compete on an equal footing with men. Through this class, you can use it for a lifetime A conversation method called GoLearn it! I'll help you.

“There are no useless stones on the checkerboard called life” (Webtoon Misae-jung)

In Go, one number, two numbers, and boards are elaborately made, My area on a checkerboardIt's a game that expands. No matter how meticulously you lead the board, the tower may collapse due to one decisive mistake. whereupon Go is a miniature version of lifeAlso known as that.

A number that seems trivialEven if it's just any Sanga An important role in deciding a game of GoI'll do it. That's why I left it with all my heart One number one number has meaning Those meanings come together to decide the game I will build it.

Just as you continue the story of Go one by one, you also became the owner of your own checkerboard Your own storyI would like you to create it.

There is no talent that can overcome hard work,
There is no result of turning away from effort.
-Lee Chang-ho, 9th Dan

Go is a game where you win with 100% skill rather than luck. Let's join the Go attitude, the quiet battle of numbers, and the world of Go.

You have to learn properly from the first time you learn it.

In particular, relationships tend to be tiring, so if you have trouble adapting even if you join a hobby meeting, Go will suit you better than you think. That's because it's a thorough skill game that is at the perfect antipode to any other game that is played by luck. But that's why The process of enduring a war of war of warThis also acts as a very high entry barrier. If you don't hold on here, your skills will never improve, and it's hard to get interested. So you have to learn properly from the first time you learn.

If you want to enjoy the game yourself and cheer while watching the great country of professional knights promoting Korea around the world, immerse yourself in the world of Go with a Go attitude.

It contains everything about the basic course of Go!

(General Go Academy 3-4 month course)

Those who have completed the course can learn the basic terms and rules of Go and play against their opponents right away. (It's enough to study for 3 to 4 months at a regular Go school) To this end, the courses are organized in three directions.

1. Learn the basics.

We will teach you basic rule knowledge in a systematic manner.

2. Solve the problem.

I'll show you how to think and solve for yourself through practical problems.

3. I'll replay the Go you've played yourself. (*Coaching rights)

Go Stance will give you feedback after viewing the report from the major country you requested (TaiGem Online Report). Sang-su's rehabilitation for sewage helps them feel energized by revisiting a country that has already ended and telling them what needs to be fixed or how to make better numbers.

Let's enjoy Go in action!

Once you've learned how to play Go, you should get ready to enjoy it in earnest. More than just lectures, online Go sites and How to enjoy Go using a mobile appand the one currently in operation Offline Go MeetingI would like to introduce it.

If you start a fight with someone other than me to build a house, the fun of Go begins. Go is a very difficult and complicated world. The more you learn, and the more you fight with your opponents, the more you'll notice the infinite number of situations you can feel. You'll feel there is a difference between math and Go, where there is a definite “right answer.” What felt like a handshake at the time was later A game-changing godBecause it could be.

If you jump into this kind of Go with your bare body without any footing, you may end up giving up halfway before you even have fun. Go attitude will help you fall in love with the charm of Go.

We support hobbies that you can enjoy for a long time.

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Stay strong from the basics! Let's understand the basic rules of Go.


The art of driving an opponent's stone


How to build my own home and survive


Let's see the whole edition! Basic moves and finishes


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Seeing and understanding real big countries


A shortcut to steady energy improvement, a way to enjoy Go


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Congratulations on your stubbornness. From now on, you have 18 energy levels!




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