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With iPad and Pro Create
5 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour to 4 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Tumblr drawing using basic shapes (with coloring)

  • Santorini Greece using rectangles

  • Crispy pie with a smooth texture

  • Vintage accessories

  • Boy scout holding a plastic bag flag

Skills You’ll Learn

Just the attributes required by Pro Creator!!

You'll only learn the basic attributes required by Pro Creator for line drawing.

Understanding line properties through simple shapes

With the shapes, I'm going to understand the direction in which each object is flowing and understand the attributes of the line.

Determining the direction of an object

I'm going to draw actual props based on basic shapes.

Understanding and applying light

I'll try to figure out the amount of light that varies depending on the thickness and number of lines.

Draw bread with a living texture

I'm going to express the properties of objects that have a rough feel with rough brushes.

Draw several vintage props at once

You'll see the difference in color by putting multiple props in one scene.

Blend various lines to create harmony

You'll learn how different textures and directions blend together in one object.

Enjoying vintage line drawing

This is Woody.

Classy but not difficult drawing

In this class,”line“I'm going to use the bay to watch vintage line drawings on the iPad together.✍

Actually, I line drawingIt's called, but in fact, this technique is very old. When a printer first comes out, in order to express an image black line I took only one and showed an image that appeared in every newspaper.

빈티지 라인드로잉

☝ Such an old technique “etching” It is also often referred to as a technique.

실재로 신문광고나 포스터에 쓰인 에칭기법

An etching technique actually used in a newspaper advertisement or poster

Why is retro or vintage sensibility popular these days “Something done by human hands”I think it's a longing for.I think the greatest appeal of this technique is that I feel that the care I had to draw and create with one sweat is very rewarding for me.

An uninteresting basic painting class,

Goodbye now

Drawing is so much fun, so why do we have to be bored learning?

I also went to an art school when I was in elementary school. Every time I went to school, I made a special excuse not to go to school because I didn't want to take basic classes too much. I hated doing boring Zen exercises for a long time.

I've done a lot of research to make drawing a fun process for people who are starting out and to produce rewarding results. Let's take a sneak peek at what you'll learn in the formal class.

First, understand “Zen,” the main character of line drawing

What is the most important concept of line drawing “Line and direction” It's.

가로, 세로, 대각선

Sometimes the atmosphere of Sunhyang-seong's paintings completely changes. Therefore, finding the proper line direction is the most important element in the early stages of painting.

In class, you'll learn with me what direction is best for you before getting into painting in earnest.

Second, find a picture that matches the line drawing

Apparently, the technique emphasizes the classic feel, so it's a bit older than a photo with a modern and modern feel, and someone's vestigesIt would go well with photos that feel like this.

Finally, create your own picture with various combinations

It doesn't have to be the color I used. The picture itself doesn't contain a lot of color, so fill the picture with your favorite color My own vibeAnother appeal of line drawing is that you can complete a picture with.

It's OK to make a mistake

Crooked lines are fine➰

I'm always out of place. Even though I draw every day, the misalignment is the line.

However, those lines that I didn't like will come together to complete a wonderful picture. You don't have to force yourself to draw a picture that's too perfect.

iPad and Pro Creator optimized for Sun!

I always get help from ProCreator when my hands aren't at my disposal. No matter how crooked it is, it will guide and correct the right path. Line drawing requires a variety of lines, so sometimes you can rely on them!

It's okay to hesitate. Even if it's not fast, slowly complete the picture with your own lines.✎ '-' ✐





Hallo This is Woody.

More than rich,

Something that is a little lacking is more than being cheerful,

I even came up with this kind of line drawing because I like things that are a bit calmer.

I want to continue drawing pictures for things that need comfort.



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