8 chapters · 3 hours 28 minutes
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Using a thread and a needle
6 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Embroider your initials

  • A pouch embroidered with flowers

  • A hat embroidered with flowers

  • dog embroidery hat

  • Hand heart hat

  • An eco bag embroidered with a famous scene

Skills You’ll Learn

What is line drawing embroidery?

Before you learn how to work, the basics of threads and needles, etc., I'll give you a brief introduction.

How to turn a photo or picture into a pattern

Learn how to turn your own photo or drawing into a pattern for embroidery.

Embroider a line drawing

Practice initials with basic sewing methods such as straight and curved lines.

Two-color thread

Try to work on a woven pattern with two different colors of thread.

One line drawing

Learn and apply the one-line drawing method of drawing all at once.

My own work

Based on what I've learned, I'll embroider each on a pouch, hat, and eco bag.

1 out of 10,000

: One of many identities

Hello! 'Yang Iksoo, 'designer and fashion illustrator of the designer brand Manil (10001) It's. The brand motto is “one of many identities.” That's why I mainly work on custom items that are unique in the world.


What would it be like to be able to engrave photos of your memories on a hat you often use? Or what about my favorite flowers, hand shapes, animals, etc.? I would like to introduce it to all of you “Line drawing embroidery” It's.

Anyone can do it if they can only sew

Line drawing embroidery

What is line drawing embroidery This is not the original technique. Usually, the general embroidery method is to create a single shape by making it tight, but I apply a method called one-line drawing to embroidery so that I can create a work with clean lines.

To put it more simply, think of drawing with sewing. If you have a thread and a needle and can only sew, anyone can easily do it without an embroidery frame.

Does it matter if I can't draw?

I'll show you how to easily turn a picture of your favorite flower, hand shape, etc. into a pattern! It doesn't matter if I'm commonly referred to as a “poop hand.” When you're bored, you can create a pattern using a notebook, graffiti you did on your iPad, or your own photos.

“Line drawing embroidery” has a taste that even if you don't have dexterity. Hand stitching can make the crooked feel more attractive and look prettier:)

I'm busy, but I want to have a hobby

How to complete line drawing embroidery It doesn't take long. It might take a while at first, but as you get used to it, you'll be able to do it faster and faster. If you watch a drama or drink a cup of coffee, you'll find beautiful embroidered accessories.

In addition to the items in the kit, try to engrave your own value on various items around you! Or if you embroider while thinking about someone, your heart will be filled and you will create a more beautiful work!

with me
My own value
Would you like to embroider it in various places?





Hello! I work as a designer and fashion illustrator for the designer brand Manil (10001). The brand motto is “1 out of 10,000, that is, one of my own values among many identities.” The design and item direction also embody this motto, so we produce one-of-a-kind works in the world. Rather than working only with the values I think of, I'll share with you how to engrave the values of one meaningful thing you think of on an item that you can wear or use on a daily basis!

레디시REDISH drawing

레디시REDISH drawing

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