Use dried flowers
7 Class Projects

It takes about 2 hours to complete one class project.

  • [Stone candle] suitable for places with flowers

  • Storing Memories in a Container [Flower Container Candle]

  • Fantastic light [flower gel candle holder]

  • The uniqueness of petals becoming a candle [Flower Pillar Candle]

  • The ultimate in brilliant mystery [Flower Water Ball Candle]

  • Vintage Elegance [Pressed Flower Candle]

  • Finish with a seal stamp and a flower [How to wrap a gift]

Skills You’ll Learn

Learn and apply solid dye coloring methods

Learn how to color in a candle to express colors that are only in your head.

Making a candle using the properties of wax

Let's make a stone candle with what we've learned about colouring techniques and wax characteristics.

How to dry flowers beautifully

I'll show you how to make dried flowers that can be used in candles.

Master the color temperature - steering temperature - pouring temperature.

Master color temperature-steering temperature-pouring temperature with secret tips notes.

I make 5 kinds of candles from one type of flower.

Using a variety of waxes, I make 5 different candles, each with its own charm.

How to use a candle I made

I'll show you how to use candles for interior accessories, camping sensibility, and lighting.

Gift wrapping upgrade

Learn how to wrap a gift using flowers and sealing wax.

Capturing memories and scents in a candle

This is Cornerstone A.

It's been over 10 years since I met Candles. When I first came across a candle, I was very happy that something I made emits a scent and emits light, and that I could pass the scent and light to someone.

Those healing experiences have made me stay with Candlelight until now. I want to share that experience with you!

Exciting words: fragrance, light, gift

Those three words alone have already made our hearts feel relaxed:) Scented candles filled with beautiful fragrance and lightAs I make, I'm becoming a more creative and relaxed person.

Time to create something unique with my favorite colors and scentsIt really is a precious time that cannot be replaced by anything. It's a time to look at yourself and accept yourself as you are.

Flowers received on a special day, don't throw them away anymore!

A day when something was celebrated, a day a confession was made, a day when a feeling of gratitude was received...

A flower I received on a special day that I want to keep as a precious memory! Are you worried that the period is too short to enjoy as a fresh flower, and if you leave it as a dried flower, only dust will accumulate? Flowers filled with special memories of that day, don't throw them away anymore.

It's a really nice candle and I can keep it. Making a candle with a scent that matches the day is a special experience. If you put it along with a photo of the day, it alone becomes a special, personalized interior accessory.

Made with 5 types of wax,

Flower candle with 5 concepts

It's not just a casual class where you just make a candle and finish it. In this class, we have prepared everything so that you can understand and fully experience all 5 types of waxes.

After listening to the class, you will be able to distinguish the wax and materials according to the type of candle, and it will be time to find the wax and candle that suits your style.

Understanding the principles

A candle class where you can learn properly

This class is designed to satisfy beginners who are new to candles, as well as those who want to make more luxurious candles. After obtaining the instructor qualification, they make and sell candles From long offline classes to accumulated professional know-how and skills I'll be happy to let you know.

We have prepared it so that you can reduce unnecessary content, understand the principles, and apply them on your own in the future.

As I followed the class while taking notes on the cornerstone tip note that comes with it, it's imperceptibly A notebook filled with your own tastes and know-howIt's probably supposed to be. From the coloring method to the types of waxes and candles, the different production temperatures for each wax, and how to choose the wick size This is a tip note that will be most helpful in improving basic skills.

I designed it so that I can continue my hobby of making candles on my own after class is over if I only need this.

A unique one to learn together

Let's take a look at flower candles

1) Flower candle in a spacious container

Did you know that the feel of a candle varies greatly depending on how you arrange the flowers?

You'll learn everything from simple ways to dry flowers beautifully and neatly, to sensuous arrangements and appropriate packaging methods beyond arranging flowers.

You wanted to try applying a sealing wax seal at least once, right? A sealing wax painting that requires multiple exercises! Let's also learn how to take good stamps, color combinations, and application methods.

2) A gel candle holder with a mysterious light that penetrates through the flowers

A candle holder is a tool designed to hold a candle so that it does not fall over or that a candle can be used to spread the light more beautifully.

A flower fixed between transparent waxes even without lighting a candle is a brilliant attraction in itself! If you light up a tealight and put it inside the container, the room will have a fantastic atmosphereI can make it.

3) Unique flower pillar candle

You'll see firsthand the unique charm of palm wax used in this candle, the snowflake crystal, and this process is very interesting. After making this candle, you will be able to make all the pillar candles you make using the mold.

4) Transparent charm water ball candle

Just because of its round shape and transparency, it's a candle that makes you want to own it. You can put flowers in a water bowl, add fragrance, and place them as aroma props, or you can light them up. Not just flowers If you store the props you want inside a waterball, it's a really special item of your ownIt becomes.

5) Vintage style, pressed flower candle

This is a pressurized flower candle made using Pillar Soy wax and a pressed flower that has been pressed well into a book. Put one of the prettiest dried flowers in a book and decorate the outside of the candleI'll try it. The surprisingly classic style really comes to life.

Experience the pleasure of putting a lot of flowers on white drawing paper.

6) Stone candles that look more authentic than the real thing

I'm going to make a stone candle using black solid dye.

Let's make a stone candle that really looks like a stone. It takes care, but after making Real stone-like realismYou'll be amazed. A must-have item for emotion when campingIt would be perfect.

The beginning of an emotional interior

Enjoy the happiness of putting memories, fragrance, and light in one candle in your room-

Well, now in my room with flowers, fragrance, and light
Have a pleasant imagination of being full
Let's get started?

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Let's experience the fantastic chemistry of flowers and candles with Cornerstone A!


The first step to becoming a candle expert is to distinguish between candle names and wax types!


What is candle color?


First flower candle> flower container candle


Second flower candle> flower gel candle holder


3rd Flower Candle> Flower Pillar Candle


Waterball Candles, Pressed Flower Candles, and Tips


Congratulations on Flower Candle Stubbornness!


cornerstone A

cornerstone A


Loves flowers, fragrance, and light [CORNERSTONE A] is

Fragrance exists in every time, space, and memory

Does everyone agree with this statement?

CORNER STONE A places value in making unique, sensual candles in the world that create precious memories and moments of individuals with fragrance and light.

Remembering past events through fragrance [Proust phenomenon] Do you know about?

Everyone has had that experience at least once, right?

The human sense of smell not only recognizes the scent, but also evokes memories and feelings related to that scent at the same time, so it has the power to return for a moment to a happy past where it is impossible to return.

The smell of soil after the rain, the scent of my mom, the smell of the futon I used to cover as a child, the scent of spring coming, the scent of winter, right there. That person's scent-

The phrase “fragrance exists in every time, space, and memory” began with that meaning for me.

I enjoy the satisfaction of making my own candle that reflects myself with my own hands!
The act of creating something analogically!
The mystery is that it emits light and fragrance!
I'm proud to have one more skill!

You'll enjoy all of this!

We invite you to a world of candles with limitless charm.

May every moment, space, and memory of you have a fragrance-


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