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Skills You’ll Learn

Basic candle, tealight candle with minimal frosting

Learn tips for making tealight candles that minimize frosting!

Various techniques for making object candles

Easy tips for making everything from basic candles to cloud candles and chunky candles

Cream pouring master

Cream pouring master class for optimal concentration!

Tips for making candles using flowers

From bouquet candles to how to make flower tablets and how to dry fresh flowers, we'll show you all at once!

Let's try candle authentication and derivative reporting together!

Let's follow the final steps for selling candles together!

My home scent terrier fills the space with incense

Hello, I'm making a scented terrier candle that fills the space with fragrance BalladancentIt's. I went to work, and while I was continuing my corporate life without a reference point of work or rest without any hobbies or specialties like this, I was the only one who came into a house with a dark light out, lit a candle, and lay down without thinking about anything Healing timeIt was.

It started with buying candles one by one and displaying them all over the house, and I became greedy to make my own, and I too Online classes via Class 101While taking a course First startI was able to do it. As I continued my studies between the provinces and Seoul with a random dream of doing my favorite job, I set up my own workshop to make candles every day.

I had no hobby or specialty, and as I made candles, I felt Comfort and pleasureI hope to be able to deliver it to everyone as well.

Making tealight candles with minimal frosting

프로스팅 현상을 최소화 하는 티라이트캔들 만들기

Making tealight candles that minimize frosting

In order to make your own candle using various techniques underpinsI think it's important to learn step by step. ahead Frosting phenomenonIn the case of a candle made using natural candle wax, it hardens on the surface This means when a white curtain comes up.

Making tealight candles that minimize frosting

I can't say that it's a bad phenomenon because it's a natural candle wax, but in order to make a cleaner candle Minimizes frostingplayable Temperature and magnification of waxI'll let you know in detail until

Making object candles using PC molds

Making object candles using PC molds

PC mold refers to a plastic mold. An object candle with a simple shape, Candles that can be applied in a variety of techniques It's a mold. In the candle class we will learn, we will try to make an object candle using a pentagonal PC mold, and we will carefully learn the differences between candle wax and production tips.

Bonus chapter, Cloud Candle and Chunky Candle

Making object candles using PC molds

The pentagonal candle has a rather simple shape, but the shape is optimized for learning various techniques. During the bonus chapter, there is a chunky candle and a cloud candle using a pentagonal PC moldI am prepared so that you can create your own creative work while learning.

Jewelry air freshener made by hand

Jewelry air freshener made by hand

Can be used as an air freshener without a wick Jewelry air freshener I'll try to make it.

Unlike other chapters, it's a time to make using artificial wax, the difference between natural wax and artificial wax, and not a method of making a traditional candle that is poured to harden Making creations by hand This is a crafting class.

Jewelry air freshener made by hand

Of the classes offered by Baradancent The big advantage is that not only classes made with natural wax, but also classes using artificial wax are also offeredI think the biggest thing is that you can continue with the pros and cons and various creative works as you try.

Making bouquet candles and flower tablets using flowers

Making bouquet candles and flower tablets using flowers

Using dried flowers Bouquet candle and flower tablet I'll try to make it. For the production of clean works Arrangements and small tips, which additionally makes use of the feeling of fresh flowers How to dry fresh flowersI'll let you know generously until!

Dessert candle flower, cake candle making

Dessert candle flower, cake candle making

Take the time to make a dessert candle flower or a cake candle. From strawberry parts full of your own color, I'll give you everything from concentration to my own tips so that you can pour chewy cream wax to make a realistic cake candle!

From candle sales, KC certification to derivative declaration

From candle sales, KC certification to derivative declaration

We made it at the end of every chapter Candles are definitely not sellable! Like I did Dreaming of starting a workshop I think there are people who are taking classes too! All-in-one class from production to salesI'll let you know generously!

Are you ready to fill your balladense and space with fragrance?

What I felt when I first started the candle Delivering healing and pleasure in everyday lifeI'll do it for you.

Let's meet in our class!



Introducing the All-in-One Candle Making Class with Baradencent


Candle basics: Minimizing frosting, making tealight candles


An object candle that can be used in a variety of ways: Making an object candle using a PC mold


Creations Handmade Jewelry Air Fresheners


Making bouquet candles and flower tablets using flowers


Flower in a dessert candle: making a cake candle that is fresh just by looking at it


Starting point of candle sales: from candle sales, certification to derivation


Keep the Candle Startup Class as it is! Congratulations on the stubbornness of Balladancent's all-in-one candle class.




Hallo I run a design candle workshop BalladancentIt's. I started learning about candles because I needed a free change in my daily life while living in a company. I liked candles so much that I quit my company and started a small candle workshop. I feel comforted by creating two works one by one, and I want to convey the feelings I had when I continued my learning while taking a break.


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