A spoonful of cuteness, Holjou's latte candle recipe



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With soy wax and a bear decoration
2 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour to complete one class project.

  • cloud candle

  • Latte candle

Skills You’ll Learn

How to complete a container candle

Learn how to complete container candles with soy wax.

Fluffy Cloud Technique

Learn how to make fluffy clouds with soy wax.

How to color your favorite color

Learn how to create colors to create realistic lattes and clouds.

Expressing natural latte

Let's take a look at how to create color and milk foam to create a realistic esporeso.

How to make use of points with decorations

Even the same work feels different depending on how you finish it.

A cute spoon,

Shall we put it in a candle?

Hello, I'm Holju.:) As for interior candles, there are many pillar candles that don't have containers, so it would have been difficult to use. Let's make a latte candle that looks pretty but is easy to use.

I love working on dessert candles that can express a variety of designs. I think various dessert designs inspire a lot of new candle designs. It is one of the special candle crafts because it is a design made one by one by composing a recipe and adjusting the wax formulation to express the desired design.

Even for those who are trying for the first time

I captured Holjou's know-how so that I could succeed once and for all.

In this class, we'll start step by step from how to melt wax to how to add designs so that those who are new to making candles and those who are curious about various latte designs can work together.

Two techniques to add cuteness!

Dessert candles Color and decorIt's a design that feels very different depending on the design. I'm going to try out a latte design that is easy to use and looks lovely from our variety of designs! In this class, I'm going to teach you how to fully capture cuteness.

A hobby of my own that is not difficult
Would you like to try a dessert candle?



Container cloud candle with dry clouds


cute one spoon, bear latte candle


Let's take a look at a variety of dessert candles?




Hello, I'm Holju

Holju Hold your momentWith the meaning of, students

I started with the hope that we would spend a warm time together for a while.

I work with many students in the workshop with candles, soap, and incense

I also work with students in various online classes.

I like to work on candles by myself the most.

I like the fragrant scent and the time to work while enjoying the time leisurely without putting in a complicated design.

At first, I liked that kind of time, and a small hobby that I enjoyed at home became my job, and it's been 5 years since I ran a workshop.

I am conducting classes with the hope that students can also feel that feeling that I enjoyed as a hobby.

It's not difficult, and I'll be happy to let you know so that students can enjoy their time working on candles:)





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