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It's everything from pouch to bag! Making cute crochet animal pouches


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With thread and crochet
5 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 4 hours per work to complete one class project.

  • pig pouch

  • bear pouch

  • elephant pouch

  • lion pouch

  • Sheep pouch

Skills You’ll Learn

Basic crochet techniques

Learn basic techniques such as short knitting, long knitting, long knitting, and circular knitting.

Special techniques of crocheting

You will learn special techniques such as ring making, popcorn making, and backwards knitting.

Fill in the gaps in popcorn making

Learn how to minimize the large holes that occur when popcorn is made.

How to adjust the size

Learn how to adjust the size to suit your needs.

Making two versions of the pouch

Let's make a simple pouch and an animal pouch with a few details.

Making a buttonhole

Learn how to make a buttonhole according to the size of a button.

Making an aperture strap

Learn how to make your own strap for the aperture pouch and adjust the length.

Crochet the design you want

Learn how to design and express the pouch you want to make.

Hello, I'm on

Unlike the days when old people used to knit for a living, knitting is much more accessible these days. Also, I think there is a lot of image now that knitting is not a hillbilly hobby, but a handmade professional hobby. particularly Crocheting is easier than knitting needles, so it is a tool often chosen by people who are new to knittingIt's.

The beginning of animal pouches

My animal pouch class I got an idea from my 3-year-old kid I'm getting started. I have a lot of interest in animals, so I used to sing out loud animal names as soon as they stood out. I played with a baby bag with a cow face all day long, and I made a small lion pouch for my favorite daughter to put candy in, and she loved it so much.

After that, I made pouches one by one using animals that my daughter often talks about. I thought it would help develop fine muscles Create a different entrance, make a different shape, and explore freelyI did. Even now that I'm 4 years old, I still play with them by shouting out the names of animals one by one, putting in candy, and then putting in small balls!

Because I'm bored making big works

Have you ever given up?

I love knitting too, but I haven't given up on a boring job once or twice. It can take months to unpack clothes or bags. If you've already finished 10 more works, but you've given up because your hands couldn't keep up with your heart, you've come to the right place! My class is for people like that I will show you a sense of accomplishment with a small work!

For those who feel free to start crocheting with small works, or want to compete in numbers, I think this class will be extremely satisfying! Furthermore A great gift to casually express your heartBecause it's also.

Use it as soon as you make it!

The beautiful, painstakingly completed exhibits are also meaningful, but I personally Knitting exudes its charm the more a person takes off their handsI think so. There are many items, but pouches are also highly versatile, and I have no choice but to touch them often, so I'm going to be more careful. As soon as I cut off the thread after sewing! How about putting it right in your bag and using it?

Let's make my own pouch

Your own pouch, design it yourself. Are you overwhelmed and troubled when you see these words? “What do you want me to do?” Do you think so? In my class, I don't just ask them to make as much as they want How I began to transform and even create, and how I made animal pouchesI'll also let you know. After taking my class, I said, “No big deal! I'm going to do it too? ' You're going to think that.

If the design itself is difficult, why not try a different finish on the animal pouch? How about just changing the color? A pouch with a completely different vibe even if it is knitted in the same way, only the finish is different, or the color is changedis made. There are 5 animals, so it's actually like learning how to make 10 pouches. All you have to do is feel like doing it!

Are you ready?
Let's shop cute pouches with me:)



Let's get out and dive into the world of crochet.


Making a pig pouch


How to make a bear pouch


How to make an elephant pouch


Making a lion pouch


How to make a sheep pouch


Try designing your own pouch


Congratulations on your stubbornness




Hello, I'm on!

On a cold winter day, I bought a thread and a needle to try my hand at a shawl six years ago. Since then, I fell in love with the charm of knitting, where you can make anything you think of, and I even won the title of artist.

When I focus on one nose and one nose, my miscellaneous thoughts disappear, and when my head gets complicated, I unknowingly find a way to knit. What's more, all you need is a thread and a needle, so it's a great hobby to go out and take advantage of your spare time:)

Studies have shown that knitting helps stabilize blood pressure and pulse, just like when meditating or doing yoga. That's why there's a saying called yoga with hands. I came to all of my mates because I wanted to do fun and practical knitting together, even if I left these scientific reasons behind!

I want to share the warmth of knitting with many people. We invite you to the fascinating and addictive world of knitting!


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