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Using crochet needles, threads, and singular rings
1 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour hour(s) to complete each project.

  • ❤️ Korathorn ❤️: Knitted 3D Heart

Skills You’ll Learn

Learn basic crochet techniques

Surprisingly various shapes can be created even with the most simple techniques.

Leaving with an understanding of the design

Learn how to see symbols, look at patterns, and make heart shapes.

Connecting various auxiliary materials after completion

It is completed using a singular ring or using various auxiliary materials.

Add the desired pattern or pattern

Regular/irregular stripes, dots, embroidery etc. You can make a variety of hearts.

Utilize it indefinitely

I use my imagination to make props. The utilization will go up endlessly!

Cute knitted 3D heart ❤️ Corathorn ❤️

Let's talk together using only basic knitting techniques.

Hello, Yaya Bay loves all kinds of knitting in the worldIt's. Class 101 Craft Specialist MDIt's been 3 years since I've been introducing various craft classes to the world while working as, and I've been learning about knitting with a squint Feel free to create the desired shape It became a “knitter” that can be made.

“Corazón” means “heart” in Spanish. I got that name as it is 3D knitted heart ❤️ Corathorn❤️You can feel the fun of floating with colorful threads, singular ring colors, and a round, plump shape. Also, if you add auxiliary materials or add additional work to the finished work, it becomes a knitting accessory that can be used in various ways in everyday life.

In order to express a smooth curve, it is necessary to go through a slightly complicated process, Use only the most basic techniques of crochetingSince it is made of the sun, anyone can complete it if they follow along with perseverance.

Add patterns or connect auxiliary materials to make your own accessories.

Changing the color of the thread stripsYou can also give it fun by putting it in, and if you want Embroider letters or shapes You can also engrave it. Singular rings, key rings, etc. Use a variety of auxiliary materialsEven though the sun is cute Complete with useful propsI'll even show you how to do it in a nutshell.

If you use your imagination There are so many props you can make using ❤️ Corathorn ❤️! I will introduce the props that Yaya Bay made, such as grip talks, magnets, key rings, white charms, and visiting feet Use it as your own propsI will also give you some tips on how to do it.

color color knitting 3D heart ❤️ Corathorn ❤️, let's make it right now?



Yaayaa Bey

Yaayaa Bey

Hello, I'm Yaya Bay. I've been working as an MD specializing in Class 101 crafts for the past 3 years, and I've met various knitting creators to create classes.

I started learning crochet and knitting because I wanted to better understand the creators' creators' works, and at first I stopped creating the works included in the class, and as I applied them little by little, I began to make my own patterns and create knitting works.

<Health teacher Ahn Eun-young > A scene from the parody “Knitting Teacher Baek Eun-young”

I want to share with more people the process I learned to knit, and the thrill of creating the shapes I thought of in my head one by one with knitting!



베이 Bey

베이 Bey

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