vegetable oil, sodium hydroxide, etc.
5 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete one class project.

  • Marseilles soap

  • Rose herb two-tone soap

  • watermelon soap

  • avocado soap

  • Doughnut bubble bar

Skills You’ll Learn

Soap tracing process

Let me tell you about the soap tracing process

How to stamp soap

I'll tell you how to put a beautiful stamp on soap

How to deal with caustic soda

I'll tell you how to dissolve caustic soda in a safe way

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About the class

Hello, I'm at the atelier today. You don't need to learn soap at all!

Learn with me the whole process of making solid soap from a liquid using vegetable oil.

You can make natural soap that is effective and suitable for your skin type, so please give it to your family or yourself.

The process of cutting and refining soap after keeping it warm for 24 hours, and even stamping it!

Let's learn the whole process of making a single soap step by step with me.

Course effect

  • Learn how to make CP soap safer
  • Learn how to make sodium hydroxide (sodium hydroxide) without inhaling harmful gases
  • Learn how to design soap and make Marseille soap, two-tone soap, watermelon soap, avocado soap, and bubble bars

Recommended classes

  • Those who want to try a variety of natural soaps made by me
  • Those who want to make their own beautiful handmade natural soap
  • Those who have sensitive skin and cannot use any commercially available facial cleanser

2 reasons why this class is special

① Making soap that is safe for health

In my class, I'll teach you a safer way to experience sodium hydroxide (sodium hydroxide).

Harmful gases come out when caustic soda meets water and becomes liquid, and inhaling this is very bad for the respiratory system along with coughing.

Therefore, a safer way to dissolve caustic soda in a way that does not inhale harmful gases

I'll let you know!

② Provides recipes for each skin type

If you're interested in natural soap and have taken soap classes at least once You may also want to come across a variety of soap recipes that work well for you.

Various oils are prepared according to skin such as oily skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin, as if it were a cooking recipe

Soaps can also be made with vegetable oils with the desired benefits according to the characteristics and proportions.

The class will provide separate soap recipes for each efficacy and skin type.

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What if you want to make your own natural soap safe and beautiful?


A gentle Marseille soap full of moisture for delicate skin


Lovely two-tone soap topped with rose herbs


Making sweet and cute watermelon soap


Avocado seeds make avocado soap


Making a round and round donut bubble bar


Atelier onl

Atelier onl

Watching a child suffering from pore keratosis while giving birth to and raising a daughter

I began to be interested in natural soap after thinking about what I could do for you.

While learning about soap, I changed all the body products that children use on the market to natural

The child's symptoms of bathing and scratching his body as if he were lying began to slowly disappear.

After spending such a long time with soap, naturally

I think I also started a soap shop because I was looking for something I could enjoy doing.


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