Add a design to the MP soap base
4 Class Projects

It takes about 30-40 minutes to complete one class project.

  • transparent sea soap

  • Dolphin soap

  • Sunset sea soap

  • Cavern landscape soap

Skills You’ll Learn

Fully understand MP soap and base

A soap base that is full of moisture and moisturizes! Let's find out how to use it properly.

Choosing a base for the desired color expression

Learn how to choose a base to express your desired color and feel.

Making objects that make soap more colorful

Learn how to realistically express ocean decorations using soap bases.

Maximizing transparency!

I'll show you how to make the decorations in the soap transparent so that they are clearly visible.

Various techniques of MP soap

Learn a variety of techniques, including gradients, marbles, framing, and topography.

Decorate the soap surface in a gorgeous way.

Make soap a little more special! I'll also show you how to decorate the top.

Packing neatly

You'll also learn how to pack neatly so you can store it safely.

Let's put a pleasant landscape in MP soap?

Hello, this is Holju, a gift of warm fragrance and time. MP soap has already been “saponified” Soap made by melting the soap base and adding the desired additivesThat's it! Because the preparation of ingredients is simple and does not handle caustic soda, which is a dangerous substance Great for enjoying at home. Without complicated processes such as aging and warming Check the finished product immediately after productionBeing able to do it is also fascinating.

However, these advantages are quite diverse I think it might be a disadvantage for those who want to create designs. As difficult as it is, CP soap is suitable for expressing various designs, Because of the nature of the base, which hardens quickly, you might think it's difficult to complete a complex design such as capturing a landscape.

Therefore, through this class, if you make proper use of the timing of hardening in MP soap and add various techniques, it will be as much as CP soap A beautiful design is completeI definitely want to let you know that it will be! Transparency that cannot be seen in CP soapYou can even make use of it, so you can express a more mysterious and fairytale feeling:)

From basic to advanced

I added Holju's special production know-how.

For this class, we have prepared a curriculum that can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners who are new to soap making, to intermediate students who have learned about MP soap but found it difficult to apply it due to the advanced design.

“Transparency”, which is the unique appeal of MP soap, seems to be completed by melting the transparent soap base and pouring it on, In order to complete a work using transparency like a grain of glassThere are many things you need to pay attention to, from understanding soap bases to working skills in Soaper (Soaper). Of course, the classmates who work with Holju Don't worry, I'll tell you all the know-how I've built up so that beginners can take advantage of this transparency:)

You can't find it anywhere else Various MP soap techniques unique to HoljuIt contains, so if you trust me and follow me carefully, you can quickly complete the picture-like MP soap. After taking all the classes, You'll be reborn as an MP soap expert who can do it all by yourself!

The first step in soap making-

Choosing a soap base

Even if you add the same pigment The color and feel vary depending on the type of soap base usedIt becomes. I'll start step by step with how to choose a soap base and how to use it appropriately so that you can finish it with your favorite color.

A variety of designs, a little more complete.

Even if it's a simple task, it's a little easier to create a highly finished work if you have an accurate idea of the design you want. The process of refining a pre-conceived design before creating all the works in the classI'll help you implement the design more easily through! If you master this course enough, you'll be able to apply it to a variety of designs even after the class is over.

Let's add a fancy technique to soap?

It's pretty even if you stack the base with a beautiful color as it is, but if you use a variety of decorations, the atmosphere of the finished work becomes even more colorful. Using a mold, we'll work together to create an ornament that fits the design perfectly. From tips that can be clearly seen when the decoration is placed inside the soap to the tip that holds it firmly when decorating the top I'll let you all know!

A gradation representing a softly spreading sunsetis the most popular technique in landscape design. The setting sky is expressed in a different way depending on the color you choose. We'll help you create a natural yet beautiful finish.

Marvel techniques for expressing swaying waves, and framing techniques that give a cleaner appearanceIt's. In particular, if you use the framing technique when you don't like the soap design, it will be a little more complete! :) These are techniques that can be used inexhaustibly once they are properly learned, so I think they will be even more helpful for students who want to try out various designs after class.

Design your imagination, complete freely.

I think there are many people who are curious about what designs can be applied after attending the class. In this class, you will learn how to fully understand and handle soap bases, as well as techniques for implementing specific designs, so you will be able to create a work of your dreams, maybe even better than me.

A new and beautiful soap design that you will completeI'm already looking forward to this:) Well, I'll be waiting to see you in class!

It won't be difficult.
Step by step, let's start together?

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Introducing Holju's MP design soap class!


The basis of MP soap


Making sea soap that makes use of transparency


Making dolphin soap that depicts swirling waves


Create a seascape with a view of the cliffs


Expressing the landscape in a cave


Congratulations on your stubbornness!




It's time to stay with the scent, Holju.

What started as a hobby became a job, and it's been 5 years since I ran a workshop.

Just like we did, we want you to feel the time spent working on candles and soap to relax with the scent for a while in your busy daily life.

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