A bakery candle made by kneading a candle with your own hands without a clay mold



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Skills You’ll Learn

After coloring the wax, kneading the wax

Learn basic wax theory and bread candle dough principles

Grab a bread candle and create a variety of bread textures

Hold the shape of a baguette without a mold, express the texture with soba, and create a cross-sectional feel of bread

Let's make a hamburger:)

Learn how to make hamburger dough and toppings without molds

Making candles more realistic without alcohol ink or paint

Try coloring without paint or alcohol ink using Barley Sister's secret secret secret

Make it a character

If you decorate the finished bread candle with your eyes and nose, you can also make a character

I'll tell you the story of a bakery that doesn't taste good, but is full of aroma.

Hello! I'm Barley's sister who makes food candles:)

I came across a candle by chance, got a candle certificate, and at first bought and made only a mold, and then I was researching various methods to find my own signature When I tried making candles without molds, I got some interesting works. As a result, I came to class 101 like this:)

See with your eyes and feel the scent with your fingertips,

A unique class that I couldn't often see anywhere else

Candles come in a variety of designs, but I really liked dessert candles. Since I started creating candles, I've only made dessert candles.

Even if you use the same mold for a dessert candle, it's nice enough, but The feeling varies greatly depending on the coloring method and decoration method It can also be different. Then I wanted to try making a dessert candle without a mold. Nowadays, when I enjoy the scent, I think it would be even better if the eyes enjoyed it and even had scarcity:)

A bakery candle made by casting without a mold, it doesn't matter if you don't have any dexterity

There are a lot of bakery molds on the market, and that's why they dare not do it. They can all be made in different sizes, shapes, and textures That's because of it. Therefore, it will be a completely one-of-a-kind candle for the person making it:) It's a bit difficult to make as much freedom as clay from candle dough, but it's possible to shape it while making a wide variety of bread textures! I want to convey a unique sensibility and color difference by incorporating fragrance into everyday life:)

What flavor does bread have?

Let's make bread, baguette, and soboro candles with me!

I chose the baguette candle because it is the foundation for limitless design applications, and the soboro candle is great for learning how to express feelings, so I chose the baguette candle because it is good for building the basics of bread candles. Once you master these three types of candles, there are endless possibilities for applying them with different designs:) You don't have to follow the design I told you. Why! It's made without a mold, so all you need is your own idea! Wow:)

Even how to color

In this class, after taking the shape of bread using a secret recipe kneaded with candle wax, you will learn how to express the texture of each type of bread, and further learn how to color the candle that was initially colored to make it look more realistic. Since this class uses candle wax without added synthetic materials or paraffin as the main material, this is a coloring class without alcohol ink or paint, so don't worry about the ingredients:)

Endless application design!

If you learn about bread candles, you can also use them as dumpling candles and hamburger candles. Are you curious about more application designs?

I wanted to let you know step by step so that even if you don't have any dexterity, you can follow along. Think of playing with clay or clay when you were a kid!

So now, an unusual candle class that is not common
I'm with Sister Barley:)



Hallo This is a cast iron candle class.


Step by step, starting with theory!


Making a baguette candle


Making a white bread candle


Making a candle with soboro


hamburger candle


hot dog candle


Coloring without alcohol ink or paint


You can become a character just by decorating your eyes, nose, and mouth!


Congratulations on your stubbornness




Hello, I'm Bori's sister who makes food art candles 🤗

In addition to the course content introduced in Class 101, I am working hard on research rather than research to introduce various techniques and designs for making without mold to a variety of people 😁😁

I like making things by hand, and it just happened to be my job, and it's so nice to be able to create and share with many people through it 🥰🥰

Nowadays, the city is also a city, so it's a mess

Just as if I had met a candle by chance, if I met my class and just felt healed, I would be happy all day too 🥰

I hope that the hearts of those watching will always be filled with pleasant scents ☺



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