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Using a digital drawing machine
12 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Moving a point

  • Move the ball (basic)

  • Move the ball (advanced)

  • Apply the 'straight ahead' method and the 'pose to pose' method

  • Bouncing a ball with hair (basic)

  • Bouncing a ball with hair (advanced)

  • Express your sense of weight with two balls 01

  • Express your sense of weight with two balls 02

  • Express the sense of weight with two balls 03

  • Express your sense of weight with two balls 04

  • Try to express the sense of weight with just one ball

  • Let's make a fist blowing animation

Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding the 12 Laws of Animation

Here are some basic rules for animating!

How to use animation programs

I'll show you step by step what kind of program to use to make an animation!

Straight Ahead

It's a technique for animating by drawing pictures one by one in a row!

pose to pose

Let's talk about how to draw the beginning and end first, and then draw the middle!

Natural movement

I'll show you how to express natural movements!

Expressing weight

I'll show you how to add weight to a painting through movement!

Expressing the feeling of hitting

I'll show you the various techniques needed to express the feeling of hitting!

From storyboarding to sound effects

I'm going to cover the overall elements needed to make a video!

Express your story with movement

Hello, Animator Yoon Sung-wonIt's. Currently, I'm working as the main animator in charge of studio Zhang Pizu content on the YouTube channel, and I'm working on a subway croquis animation project through my private YouTube channel. I started animating when I was 11 years old until I was 27, and I've been animating for 16 years, and it seems like there's something really going on, right? I felt and learned while working for a long time Fundamentals of animatingI'll tell you all about it.

It's not a drawing skill, it's a sense of catching movement!

Like these days The age of videoEh, the most exhilarating creative The world of animationWelcome to Nevertheless When it comes to animation, you usually think you have to draw a good picture. Actually, for natural animation rather than drawing skills The essential sense of timing is even more importantI'll do it. utmost Learn the basics with simple dots, lines, circles, and squares and practiceLet's learn about timing, which is the essence of animation.

Step by step from how animation works

The principle of movement of a picture is simple. It's about connecting multiple pictures together to make them look like they're moving. If you draw a picture at regular intervals on a round disc, like a flipbook drawing a Zollaman in the corner of a textbook, or a Pinakistoscope, and then pierce a hole and turn it around like a pinwheel, it looks like it moves. Drawing them all is the process of creating an animationIt's.

Animation The process takes up much more than the resultI will. The way to enjoy animation for a long time and for a long time takes up more of this Finding fun in the processI think this is it. We'll show you how to find fun in the course!

Curious about the 12 laws of animation?

There are 12 laws of animation. Apparently, animation focuses on the sensory part, so the feedback just said, “Ah... Stronger, just like this! Pang! I feel like that! There is such a thing!” I can't tell you that, right? This is to make it easier to let each other know by setting clear standards and making promises about them. For example, there are things like this!

  • Straight Ahead: This is a continuous method of drawing.

  • Pose-to-pose: This is a method of drawing a beginning and end drawing, and drawing by adding a middle.

This is a simple animation made using Straight Ahead and Pose-To-Pose. As you can see, actual animation work contains these basic elements. In addition to that, there are 12 other laws Slow in out, preliminary action, secondary action, follow through, timing, exaggeration, squash and stretch, staging, arc, appealThis is included. Do you want to know what this means? I recommend learning it in my animating class!

The work environment required to create an animation

In class, I usually Galaxy Tab S7 and Rough AnimatorI'm going to work with a program called. Who is a rough animator Can also be used on iPadI will. I will actively use shortcuts, bluetooth keyboardPlease be sure to prepare! Computer and laptopIn this case, you can also work with Adobe Animate CC or the PC version of Rough Animator. I can work with any kind of equipment. Rather than dealing with tools, the essence of classes lies in animation work:)

An essential preparation course before animating! Thumbnail work

By planning what to draw and what to animate, you can get more clear results and get to work faster. Corrections are minimized only if there is a plan. Because even if an animation task is modified or deleted for only a few seconds, the work time is skipping from one to two days, The planning stage is very importantI will. Capture the direction of the plan How to work with storyboardsLet's find out?

What is natural movement?

Natural movementWhat the hell is it? What kind of movements do we perceive as natural movements? Learn about this natural movement, which is often referred to as a smooth movement. The more frames you have, the more natural it is! To make it feel real, How to raise your sensesLet's practice.

When will they get there? What is timing?

The flower of the anime is timingsYes. If there is ice cream 100 meters in front of me, I can run and eat ice cream in 15 seconds, walk slowly and eat ice cream 10 minutes later, or take a breather and eat it 5 hours later. Timing is what determines that. The results will vary slightly depending on what you prioritize, so let's learn the differences.

This is especially important when it comes to working for an actual animation company. If the time given to the scene is 5 seconds, everything contained in the storyboard must be expressed within 5 seconds. The part that also leads to planning skillsAs a result, you'll be able to see your skills here.

Realistic movement, easy in out and follow through

No one shows constant motion at the exact same time and movement. It seems like a natural movement is realIt means. You have to catch the flow slowly slowing down and suddenly speeding up. When you shake your head, it's like your hair moves along!

How to express a sense of weight

The sense of weight Easy in/out and timingAll of this must be mobilized. Let's try it! What happens when two objects roll from both sides and meet? You're heading in the direction of a heavier ball, right? Depending on how light a light ball is, the difference in strength will vary. When a heavy ball falls on top of a light ball, it is derived from this Ball textureLet's feel the actual sense of animation while expressing.

Expressing a more detailed sense of weight

It's more difficult to express a sense of weight with a single object. That's because there's no way to give information. What can be used here timings! The more the ball is resisted by the wind, the slower it will fall, so let's express that feeling in terms of timing? The heavier the object, the less wind resistance it will take, and the thump you feel when you land on the ground! What is the feeling of doing Camera walkingI'll show it as.

Feels real! Gives an exhilarating hitting feeling

What is needed for a feeling of hitting Weight and speedIt's a combination of natural movement and a sense of weight. Depending on the animation style What effects do you useThe feeling of hitting may also be displayed differently depending on! It can have a game-like effect, and there is a way to express just sweat, dust, and blood just like in real life.

The feeling of hitting and that always follows along with it, the sense of speed!

What speed do you need to have for a feeling of hitting? Should it be unconditionally fast? What if you pick up a giant axe and move fast? What if you pick up a small dagger and move slowly and steadily? Like this The sense of speed is linked to natural movementIt's the part that becomes. It is necessary to consider the weight of the object, the force applied to it, and the weight and strength of the object that fits it.

Video is image 50, sound 50! Add sound effects

Of course, the video will include sound! Sound effects are a great hitting materialIt becomes. The problem is putting in the right sound effects, right? The point is that the moment you feel the impact changes depending on when you put in the sound! Even with the same sound, this slight difference in timing can make a difference in the feeling of hitting. Let's try adding sound to the beginning of the actual example to maximize the feeling of hitting.

Tips to make animation easier!

It's true that it's too difficult to draw this picture all at once while considering movement. So I'm going to split the order. When you draw, you first sketch, draw lines, and color, right? It's doing the same thing. The first thing to do is animate the image as simple as possible. What kind of process do professional animators use when they actually work, I'll show you one by one.

From how to use shortcuts to work environment settings!

While we animate The need to increase sustainabilityI have it. Hands, eyes, and head must remain in an animated sense. The left hand presses all the shortcuts, while the right hand continues to draw. This makes it easier and faster to animate. Easier and faster animation makes me work more than others, and a large amount of work naturally allows me to learn more knowledge. Your abilities will naturally improve!

Let's continue to animate together!

Things that happened during my life as an animator, what kind of mindset is important as an animator, what kind of preparation process is necessary to make this a job, etc. The story of living as an animatorI'll also let you know. through this class Learn the most important basic skillsDo it, and go further The foundation for creating your own animationsWe'll help you clean it.



Animator Sungwon

Animator Sungwon

Most people think of “animators” as “people who draw well.”

It's no wonder that drawing skills are necessary because they draw multiple pictures to express movement, but in fact, the main ability of animators is a “sense of timing” that creates natural movements.

I'll show you that sense of timing through the class!

If you don't have access to animation classes easily because you think you don't have enough drawing skills, you can learn if you can only draw lines, if you can only shoot dots! Don't worry!

When you hear the word “animator,” I hope the day will come when you can think of it as a “person who moves pictures well” rather than “a person who draws well.” I hope animation will become so popular that many people make animations one by one, just like scribbling! Let's animate together today! :D

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