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A young man who came up from Geoje-do

I am receiving 30 million won in rent.

People who are 28 years old may be young, but I wanted to be successful. I wanted to change my life.

But I had a downside rather than a downside.

  • Geoje hillbilly, an athlete who even wore the Taeguk mark
  • The fact that a hillbilly with no connections stands alone
  • The fact that an athlete who studied but didn't study hits his body
  • Giving up the Taeguk mark and living a second life

I came up to Seoul randomly with the idea that “if I don't act now, my life cannot be changed.” It wasn't an easy choice, and it was a reckless choice. I didn't want to look at price tags while buying clothes anymore, and I didn't want to live without being able to eat what I wanted to eat.

10 years since then
My rent is 30 million won or moreI made
Handling real estate totaling over 20 billion wonGo
Achieve profits of over 10 billionI did

After only one day's sleep

One million won comes into my bank account.

Even if you go on a trip abroad and don't work, you can deposit 1 million won per day. I don't have to work anymore because I created a system that works for me even if I want to eat or do what I want to do.

Geoje Hillbilly, who was only working out in Geoje, Gyeongnam, fulfilled his dream of becoming a building owner in Seoul, and now he wants to become a building owner with a monthly rent of 60 million won.

Don't you think this is my story? Does it seem like a dream? The moment when your life changes isn't a long time.

Begin with the basics but quickly.

From the principles to practice of real estate investment

I know it's hard to get started. This. raw. net. I also know that there are many people who think they are (ruined in this life) and can't even dream of arranging their own home. But it's not too late.

Also, I would like to show you how to make it step by step from 500,000 won or 1 million won for rent from the basics.

More than 20,000 students so far

I'm working as a mentor.

Ordinary people around me helped me make rent of 1 million won, 2 million won, 3 million won... and more than 10 million won

투자금 300만원으로 월세 70만원 받는 수강생 사례

▶ An example of a student receiving 700,000 won in rent with an investment of 3 million won

투자금 3,100만원으로 월세 210만원 받는 수강생 사례

▶ An example of a student receiving 2.1 million won in rent with an investment of 31 million won

How do I invest when I don't have money?

I've heard this question a lot. Have you heard of leverage? It's a word that never falls out of the books of successful people.

Leverage in investment refers to loans.

Leverage interest per month 250,000 won, 1 year interest 3 million won. Will apartment prices rise by 3 million won a year? Wouldn't it go up? All of the correct answers are known to those of you who read this article. How long will you only think it's scary?

Real estate investment

It shouldn't be ruined.

I can talk to people who are still afraid of loans though. Real estate investments must not fail. It's a real estate that starts with not a small amount of money.

However, you can earn money if you “know” Losing money because you don't know, or thinking it's “dangerous” It's about doing it. So what do we do? You just need to know. I'll definitely explain what I need to know.

Are you hesitating to invest now? Are you hesitating to study?

Chief Cha Won-hee,

I am a YouTuber with over 170,000 subscribers.

It's only been about a year and a half since I started YouTube. I unraveled my investment know-how through YouTube, and many people subscribed in a short period of time.

But I don't think the number of subscribers matters. I am still receiving emails thanking people who have actually made money after seeing the method I told you.

Someone just watched my video and executed it, but I'm making money and making a better life.

Real estate doesn't discriminate against people.

Now we have to learn and act. It's not too late

I first started real estate in my 20s, and I made a fortune in my 30s. There are people around me who started in their sixties and had assets of more than 5 billion dollars.

Someone is getting rich even at this moment when you're hesitating. That someone must be you reading this now.

I look forward to entering the path of true wealth through this class.

Programs used by the class

  • A free 1-month pass for Good Auction is offered only to those attending the chieftain class.
  • After that, in order to take this class, you must purchase a nationwide auction tracking service of at least 119,000 won (1 month) from the Good Auction website.
  • There is also a free site provided by the country, but I recommend Good Auction because it provides a lot of information that is much more detailed and easier to read for a fee.





Hello, I'm the chief.

Real estate investing is a field where you can earn money for a lifetime if you learn properly once.

What if only 1 million won per month was added to my bank account in addition to my main labor income? Self-development for yourself, gifts for family, education for children, travel, etc., even a little more leisurely

Wouldn't it be possible to live?

I first learned about real estate investment in my 20s. I made 30 million won in rent in my 30s. I'll show you the easiest way to invest in real estate in Korea.





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