Skills Youโ€™ll Learn

How to Use Tools to Make Safe Candles

Learn how to use tools for making candles and how to organize the tools you've used.

How to Choose a Candle Wick

Let's find out how to choose the right wick for the design you're creating.

Making a Basic Pillar Candle That Is Easy to Use

Learn the characteristics of the wax used and try to make a pillar candle with soy wax.

Features of Various Waxes

Find out the characteristics of the wax you use and choose the wax that is right for your design.

Using Alcohol Ink in a Variety of Ways

I'll show you a variety of designs made using alcohol ink.

Attaching an Object

Learn how to express objects in various colors and how to attach them to curves.

Practice Oil Texture Techniques

Learn texture techniques to capture the rough feel of oil painting in a candle.

Learn Crackle Technique for Pastel Candles

Learn how to make candles in light pastel tones and crackle technique

Colorful Marble, Ebru Marble Technique

Learn how to create a gorgeous look and a classic look with Ebru Marble.

๐Ÿ˜Œ Letโ€™s Make a Textured Candle Full of Fragrance and Charm.


This is holzu who presents a warm scent and time! ๐Ÿ™Œ

Now that candles are more than just โ€œscented candles,โ€ they have become interior accessories, so many of you may have already experienced making simple candles.

Therefore, instead of making a monotonous candle by pouring melted wax into a mold to harden, we would like to introduce the process of changing the texture of the candle with just a couple of materials.

Step by Step From the Basics!

This is a design candle class where you can learn to express different textures on the surface of the candle. Since we're going to use a wide range of techniques, I believe that those who have prior experience can also enjoy this class.

Even for people with prior experience, it's important to master the basics so that you can apply the techniques and try various designs after completing the class.

I'll start with the most basic and work all the way trough step by step so that beginners can also follow along with me easily.

I'll tell you everything from the characteristics of wax, how to use them and how to make the basic candle.

You Can Complete a Variety of Works With Just One Mold

Every time you had to prepare new materials and molds for a new design, you might have felt pressured to try a candle with a new design.

It's not common for people who make candles as a hobby to have many kinds of expensive molds.

You're not required to have many different molds in this class. You can still make candles with different feelings without having to buy all those expensive materials.

Texture Candle! Let's Try It Out with holzu!

These candles are made without having to rely on molds. That's how we can capture the personality of the person who make.

Let me briefly introduce what we're going to make in this class :)

Pastel Cracked Candles

This is a pastel cracked candle.

You'll learn how to have a cracked effect on your candle and how to attach objects on it. You'll also learn a combination of colors so that you can express a variety of feelings with just one object!

Pottery Candle With the Feel of a Ceramic Plate

This simple pottery candles look good anywhere!

I'll teach you step-by-step so that you can fully capture the ceramic feel!

Simple but Beautiful! Splash Candle!

Simplicity is the beauty of splash candles.

It's important to make simple but beautiful candle!

Let's learn how to make your candle stand out.

Dropping Painting Candle That Looks Like Ink Has Seeped In

It's a dropping painting candle with the dreamy feeling of ink spreading on paper!

The dropping painting technique really comes in handy! IThis will be helpful when creating a variety of candle designs after the class.

After making a dropping painting candle, you'll also learn how to make a candlestick!

Colorful Marble, Ebru Marble Candle

Ebru Candle is a multicolored marble candle!

Depending on the method, you can express a clean feeling like marble, and you can also express a classic and heavy feeling like a gemstone.

Plus, depending on the color you match, the candle looks different. You'll learn one technique, but this will come in handy!

An Oil Painting Candle That Captures the Rough Feeling of Oil Painting

Oil painting candles enable you to express just rough feelings of oil painting. You can also express dreamy feelings in the drawing that you want.

A design texture candle made using techniques that do not rely on molds!
It can capture your personality even more!
Let's try it out with holzu. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Introducing holzu's Texture Candle Class!


The First Step to Making Candles! Starting from the Basics


A Candle in a Ceramic Plate? Making a Pottery Candle!


Simple but Effective! Splash Candle!


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Making a Crackle Candle, the Lovely Charm of Pastel Tones


Making Colorful Marble, an Ebru Candle


Tough charm! Making a Candle with Oil Painting Texture


Congratulations on completing the course!




It's time to stay with the scent! This is holzu!

I started this as a hobby, and now this has become my job. It's been over five years since I started running my atelier.

Just like we did, I hope that all of you take some time to make candles and soap to relax out of your busy schedule!

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