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I'm Sharon, an illustrator.

I'm Sharon, an illustrator who creates loop animations along with illustrations. I taught myself animation through iPad Pro Create, and I'm currently making music videos with various artists.

🖥 Main work

  • Wolftyla, < (Ft. J Park) >promotional loop animation
  • Emby, <that's how I like it> loop animation music video
  • Seon-min, Cho Hyung-woo, <It's just so windy right now> Loop animation lyric music video
  • Lee Na-rae, <again, girl> loop animation music video

Engaging animation, easy to get started

I'll help you create retro animations such as album covers and music videos. If you follow me step by step from the beginning, even if you only apply what you have learned after the lecture You can create your own animation!

All you need is an iPad.

My first time Self-taughtWhen you do, Animate with iPad Pro Create onlyI didn't have enough information or how to draw. Now, after many attempts, my own knowhowI've got one, and now I want to share that know-how with all of you 🙂

1 ️ Learn basic animation tools and principles

✅ Animation principles and frames

If you create without knowing the basic principles, it is difficult to come up with the work you imagine.

Before creating an animation You need to understand how an animation is created and the frames of an animation to create your own animation.

2 ️ How to practice animation with simple shapes

✅ Bringing life to life by moving the ball/line

✅ Animation exercises such as blinking eyes and shedding tears

Now if you knew how to make an animation Tools or functions used to create animationsYou have to get used to it. Naturally, what I learned at the beginning of the lecture while practicing reviewingI will do it.

3 ️ Various animation production methods

✅ Animation production without post-work

Based on what I learned earlier about “creating basic animation with shapes” A bit more advanced animationI'm going to learn to listen.

It's easy to create an animation using an iPad instead of another device or tool, but there may be some limitations to creating an animation. though Learn about various ways to overcome this limitation and create.

4 ️ Try your own loop animation

Based on what I've learned up until now I'm actually going to create two of my own anime works. We will create a one-of-a-kind loop animation that captures your sensibility and personality.

You must be a loop animator before you know it!

There may be moments when it takes a lot of patience to create an animation, but when those efforts come together to complete it, let's create such a work that will be memorable for a lifetime with pride 🙂

Don't think animation is too difficult!
Procreate is better than other computer-based programs
Because it's relatively easy to use
I'll let you know soon so you can follow along too!



Sharon Kim

Sharon Kim

Hello! My name is Sharon and I'm currently working as a freelance illustrator. I work on illustrations and animations based on the iPad Procreate program, and I mainly create loop animations used in music videos and music lyric videos.



샤로니 sharony 일러스트 illustration

샤로니 sharony 일러스트 illustration

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