10 chapters · 19 hours 37 minutes
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6 Class Projects

It takes about hour(s) to complete each project.

  • tissue pouch

  • 1 laminated fabric glove compartment

  • zipper pochette

  • coin purse pochette

  • round backpack

  • canvas vertical tote bag

Skills You’ll Learn

Use of sewing machines & seam finishing

Proper use of needles and sewing tips that make a difference in the finish of the seams

The knack for zippers is also solid!

You will learn the criteria for where to make a return opening and points on how to make a return opening when sewing 3 or more sheets on top of each other.

Tips and applied techniques for matching cloth

How to apply a backpack bag or arrange for playtime sewing with random stitching

A handmade course where you can learn everything from the tricks of matching cloth to basic applications of sewing using a household sewing machine

Are you making good use of your sewing machine?

In class, you can learn everything about sewing, from how to handle household sewing machines to how to neatly tailor bags and small items.

There are plenty of points you can learn, whether you are a beginner or an experienced person who uses a sewing machine on a regular basis. Creators who have worked at handicraft shops for many years will tell you about common mistakes, etc. from matching cloth tips.

No matter what type of sewing machine you have, if you learn how to use needles properly and how to sew, there will be a difference in the finish of the seams, but depending on your ingenuity, you will be able to make various things. Why don't you learn the art of sewing and live a handmade lifestyle?

Effects you can expect after attending the course

・You can learn the basics of sewing, such as posture when sewing with a sewing machine, how to put your hands on it, and tips on how to sew

・You can learn how to prepare for making bags, cloth accessories, etc., and sewing tips from the basics

・You will also learn applied techniques for matching cloth and be able to arrange

Recommended classes for people like this

・Those who are interested in a handmade lifestyle

・Those who want to use a sewing machine to tailor various things such as coin purses, tote bags, backpacks, etc.

・Those who want to improve even more than the sewing method they were satisfied with until now and make a difference in finish

When attending the course

  • The fabric in the image of the work may change depending on stock conditions. Please be aware of this.

  • In this class, we sell kits selected by creators. Go to “See the Kit” for more information about the kit and recommended materials and tools for taking this class.

3 reasons why this class is special

① Learn how to handle a sewing machine and sewing tips

Let's start by actually sewing using a trial sewing cloth. I will introduce the basics, such as postures when sewing and how to put hands on them.

And above all, the most important thing in making bags and cloth is preparation. Let's proceed with an emphasis on the need for watering, soil improvement, and finishing basic cuts cleanly.

② Make 6 bags, pouches, etc., and cover basic applications of sewing

In class, we make zipper pouch type pochettes, coin purse pochettes, backpacks, and vertical canvas tote bags. In each work, you will learn detailed techniques from scratch, such as how to make a return opening when sewing 3 or more sheets on top of each other, how to sew curves, and how to make an inner pocket made from a “crease”. It is a large volume of content that satisfies both beginners and experienced users.

③ You can learn tips and applied techniques for matching cloth

The kit includes tools and fabrics that beginners can get started with, but with the sewing techniques you learned in class, you can freely create handmade miscellaneous goods in the future.

If you learn the tricks of sewing, there will be a difference in the finish of the seams, but depending on your ingenuity, you will be able to make various things, so please enjoy sewing using a sewing machine.



Inomata Yuki

Inomata Yuki

In the spring of 2005, we started the blog “Neige+ Living with Handmade Goods,” which introduces handmade cloth accessories. I'm Neige+, Inomata Yuki, who spells out her hobbies such as DIY and travel, etc. in addition to handmade on a blog that is updated almost every day.

Creator Interviews

Q. What do you think is the most attractive thing about sewing machines that your teacher feels?

A. They are wonderful companions who give shape to what I have imagined. The time of making things by hand can make you forget about everyday life, get excited while imagining completion, or solve it if you fail, but it is an existence that makes you crazy at any time.

Q. Please tell me what led you to start sewing machines!

A. I've loved touching sewing machines since I was young, but I really started when my daughter entered kindergarten and had time for myself. Thanks to the fact that I was able to come across a handicraft book that came to me at the library I attended, I now have it.

Q. What kind of experiences do you want the students to have through this class?

A. I think it would be nice if you could make sewing time a new hobby. Hobbies can be started at any age, and by incorporating new stimuli into yourself, your horizons will expand and your personal connections will expand strangely. It's also fun to take pictures of things you've made yourself and introduce them on SNS

It will increase, and by showing it to people, you will improve even more, and it will also lead to mental satisfaction.

Q. Please give a message to the students!

A. Everyone has the same starting line. No one can sew well from the beginning. But if you learn a few tricks on sewing machines, you'll improve in no time. If you make what you've made while imagining where you, your family, and friends are using it, handmade will turn into a more enjoyable time. Rather than thinking too hard, let's start by taking a step forward while having fun together.


Q. Can beginners who are just starting out with sewing machines make it?

A. When you're just starting out with sewing machines, it's often difficult to ask questions you don't understand even if you go to the classroom, or you're overwhelmed by the environment around you and can't proceed as expected. In that respect, you can proceed with online classes at your own timing, and you can watch over and over again what you don't understand and practice repeatedly, so I recommend that you are a beginner can proceed without preconceived notions. Also, it's an opportunity to start something new, so I'd be happy if you could take on the challenge of improving your own skills.

Q. Do I have to buy a kit?

A. Purchasing a kit is a major prerequisite in order to ensure that the kit that arrives is finished in shape. However, I think you already have a kit with a complete set of handicraft tools on hand, so I have prepared 2 ways with minimal kit contents. However, please note that the course proceeds on the assumption that there are the same handicraft tools or equivalent items.

Q. I want them to sell some of their handicraft tools.

A. We're very sorry, but we are unable to respond individually.

Q. I would like some of the kit contents to be changed or increased.

A. The kit is prepared according to the course, but even if there is a fabric that does not suit your taste, it is not possible to change it to another fabric. The sizes are listed individually, so please refer to them and prepare them separately by yourself.

Q. Do I need anything other than the kit?

A. I wanted to add as many tools as possible to the kit, but by all means, there are “sewing machine needles,” “tailoring clasps,” and “zipper fasteners” that you can prepare according to your sewing machine. There are many cases where sewing machine pressers and needles are included in advance in sewing machine parts, so please check by yourself and prepare them if you don't have one. Please prepare other “sewing needles” and “hand sewing needles” that you are familiar with. Handicraft tools are also available at 100 yen shops, etc., so I think it's OK if you use them.

Q. Do you include paper recipes?

A. I'm sorry, but since everything is explained in the audio of the video course, paper recipes are not included.



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