8 chapters · 7 hours 27 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

With iPad and Pro Create
9 Class Projects

It takes about 15 to 40 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Basic shape sticker

  • masking tape

  • Practical custom memo paper

  • emotional photo sticker

  • simple drawing sticker

  • plant illustration sticker

  • animal illustration sticker

  • everyday illustration sticker

  • movie illustration sticker

Skills You’ll Learn

How to use Procreate

Learn about basic gestures and brush types in ProCreate.

How to collect materials for sticker production

Learn how to prepare stickers such as images, color combinations, and brushes.

How to use basic shapes and colors

Learn how to make stickers and memo paper using basic shapes without difficulty

How to make unique illustration stickers

Learn how to make stickers with simple drawings and unique everyday illustrations.

How to use the free editing tool Fixler

Learn how to make emotional stickers from your own photos

How to use stickers in Goodnote

Learn how to make simple inlay paper and use stickers to decorate your diary.

How to sell digital stickers

Find out about sites that can sell digital stickers, and also learn the precautions.

I am a man who captures everyday experiences through pictures.

In order to fully remember the things I see and feel on a daily basis, I often record them through pictures and texts. It's fun to write a paper diary one by one, but nowadays I'm fascinated by the ease and ease of recording with an iPad.

For the students who take this class, I also experience The joy of drawing and recordingI want to let you know.

There are so many things you can do with just one iPad.

In this class, among others 'Procreate'with 'Good note' I'm going to learn how to create and decorate my own digital stickers using an app.

In the second half, when I learn how to use stickers in Good Note, I will try to make a simple inlay, and I will also provide a separate Goodnote inlay that I made to the students. Even those who use Goodnote for the first time can enjoy making a diary.

Rather than just a class where you draw and make the same drawing stickers, use what the students learned later A class where you can make your own stickers with your own personalityI wanted to make

  • How to gather materials and where to get ideas before making stickers
  • Can I make my own stickers for the moments I want to remember in my daily life?

You'll be able to solve these questions one by one through class.

Let's sell digital stickers that are too much for me to use alone.

Nowadays, as more and more people use tablets, lecture notes, schedulers, and diaries are being digitized. As a result, the demand for stickers that can decorate digital diaries is also growing.

In the second half of this class How to sell digital stickersI'm going to take a look at my own tips for making stickers for sale, and what to look out for.

Let's get rid of the fear of drawing and learn about the fun of making your own stickers one by one



nami record

nami record

Hallo It is a man who captures the joy and small happiness of everyday life through pictures. You can draw, create your own stickers, and decorate your diary with just one iPad. Decorate it with stickers and memo paper of your own drawing, and you'll have a unique diary in the world.

For those of you who find this whole process overwhelming, I'd like to share my tips for making digital stickers. I hope it will be a time where we can experience the joy of drawing and recording together.



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