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Gain freedom of time through a cash flow system • Investing is a game where you run a goose farm!


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Your own interest rate

I will be able to decide for myself what kind of investment to make

Find undervalued assets

What is a goose that lays golden eggs, and you can find undervalued geese yourself

I want to retire as soon as possible like the artist,

“Can I buy this stock, this property?”

크리에이터 인터뷰_뉴스

▶ Creator Interview_News

When I worked as an analyst and when I made personal investments, I always got the most common questions from people around me.

Should I buy this stock?
Should I buy this property?
Should I buy gold now?

The question is, “Should I get on the KTX train right away?” It's like that.

If you want to go abroad, you'll need to fly instead of the KTX train, and if you need to go to the neighborhood next door, you'll need to take a bus or taxi.

In this way, the answers to the above questions and your own investment strategy will vary depending on each individual's current financial status and future goals. Let's set my investment goals and create an 'optimal investment navigation' together to achieve them!

The author of <Rediscovering Investment>,

The owner of a goose farm that lays golden eggs

가장 중요한건 현금흐름

▶ The most important thing is cash flow

Hello! It contains financial investment methods that are bound to become rich, Lee Go-eun, author of <Rediscovering Investment>It's.

While I worked as a stock analyst for over 10 years, I created my own cash flow through personal investments, and thanks to that, I am reinventing my second life after leaving the company.

As an analyst, I would like to share with you the investment principles with a high probability of long-term success, which I have thoroughly studied, and the insights I have gained from directly implementing them for more than 10 years.

Boldly give up a billion annual salary

What was the secret to leaving the company?

An office worker who thinks about resigning dozens of times a day... My life as an office worker was no different than yours.

When I worked as an analyst at a securities firm, I usually went to work at 7 o'clock in the morning and left work from 11 to 12 o'clock in the evening, and I also went to work one day during the weekend. So I was actually only able to meet my newborn baby on the weekend, and I was really missing out on the most important thing in my life.

The reason we can't quit our company even in this kind of environment is that we make money in exchange for providing our time. The reason I left the company even though it was a job that anyone would envy with a billion yearly salary is An asset that brings cash flow by working for me even if I don't work myselfThis is because I was able to “choose” to leave the company thanks to the collection of.

If you continue to reinvest the cash flow brought by the asset without having to buy or sell the asset, the cash flow will grow more and more over time, and the day will come when you will give me freedom.

It's not a big investment!

Investing is a game where you run a goose farm to get golden eggs!

투자는 거위농장을 운영하는 게임이다

▶ Investing is a game where you run a goose farm

What if you make a profit by buying stocks or coins at a low point and selling them at a high point? Of course, just making a profit is a wonderful thing. However, if you raise an asset (goose) and sell it, the continuous “cash flow” disappears.

Do you really want to be rich?
Do you want a life where leaving work is an option?

If so! Let's all invest like I've been doing for the past 10 years!

  • Monetary investment : Deposits, savings, dollar and yen purchases, cryptocurrency collection, gold investment, etc.
  • Real estate investment : Apartment charter leverage and rent investment, apartment auctions, officetel sales, commercial district and land equity auctions, farmland auctions, housing construction, etc.
  • Corporate investment : Office worker (analyst), self-employed, investing in US and Japanese stocks, investing in US Treasury bonds
  • Derivative investments : Stock quants, ETFs, REITs, foreign options

Of these, I don't want to say, “What kind of investment is good, so follow it.” If I get my own interest rate (return on investment target) according to my current situation and future goals, I can quickly figure out what kind of investment I should start.

In this class

You'll learn something like this!

Every time I was asked questions about investment from my friends, I couldn't explain all the investment principles, so I started a blog and YouTube and published a book, but it was difficult to share investment principles and know-how in detail due to the restrictions of each media. In this class 101 lesson, I would like to complete a more detailed and systematic investment roadmap.


  1. Why investing is a game where you run a goose farm
  2. Figuring out where I am now (feat. (4 minutes of cash flow)
  3. 5 Key Investment Concepts - How to Identify Undervalued Assets
  4. Establishing Your Own Investment Principles - Creating Your Own Strike Zone
  5. Actual investment methods (currency type, real estate type, company type, derivative type)

The core of my investment principles is the proper use of cash flow and leverage.

When collecting assets that bring in cash flow using proper leverage, time is on the investor's side. I'll be able to sort out your wealth by looking at examples of chartered leveraged apartments, auctioned land, and gold options that I have invested in and operated.

자산별 투자수익률 (XIRR 기준)

▶ Return on investment by asset (based on XIRR)

As can be seen from the three examples above, the investment targets and methods were all different. However, I made a profit through consistent investment principles and analytical methods. The key point is that profits came out while maintaining assets without having to buy or sell assets to make a profit.

If you collect these assets, it will get better over time, right? I will systematically teach you how to gather various assets and obtain high returns based on consistent investment principles.

Dear prospective goose farmers,

I support you:)

I want to start investing, but I don't know what to start with..
I'm curious about other investment assets other than stocks or real estate!
I also want to become a Fire Tribe, how do I prepare?

If you commit to learning beyond these thoughts and concerns in the midst of the financial craze, you are already ready to become rich. Learn all the basic principles of investing that you can use for a lifetime once you learn them properly, and practical investment methods for each investment asset through the class.

There are countless ways to gain financial wealth. However, aren't the richest people among them those who have achieved freedom of time through a system where cash flows eventually come out? I will generously share with you the secrets of my 10th year. Let's build a goose farm with me!



Hello! I'm Lee Go-eun, the owner of the goose farm:)


Investing is a game where you run a goose farm


How do I make my own strike zone?


Follow Warren Buffett's investment principles


Practical investment method using the Jewish method of asset allocation


The principles of nature tell us how to win


Congratulations on your stubbornness!




Hello, I'm Lee Go-eun, author of <Rediscovery of Investment> and CEO of Space Bom.

I have been working as a stock analyst at domestic and global financial companies for over 10 years and have made various investments in parallel, so I was able to move from an office worker to a businessman and an investor. Currently, I enjoy the freedom of time as an asset goose farmer who constantly collects and nurtures various asset geese that bring me cash flow, such as real estate, stocks, business, and gold.

Many people dream of financial freedom and time freedom, but I have seen many cases where they lose their direction and get lost. I would like to introduce investment principles and various practical examples that can reach goals if you set the right direction and execute them over and over again.

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