Skills You’ll Learn

Use basic tools in Photoshop

Let's learn the basic Photoshop tools needed to create a homepage-style skin.

Create a widget guide

It's easy to create a widget guide.

Placing internal and external links

You can create a link using the given formula.

How to set up a blog for beginners

Learn how to set up an optimized blog.

Event banner

Learn about good-looking skin layouts and try putting in banners too.

Give moving skins and partial effects

Let's create a moving skin that changes the image and a partial motion effect.

Create 8 hands-on examples

Learn the design structure by making the same as the 8 hands-on examples.

Make your blog look like a real homepage!

According to the beginner's eye level
'“Creating a homepage-type blog” I'll just tell you the key points in an easy way!

Hello! DibleyIt's.

If you run a blog market, it's like a real website

For those who run or want to run an online market The need for a websiteYou'll desperately feel it!

A blog that anyone can easily access and use, How to make it look like an “official website” created by a companyI'm going to let you know!

Optimized settings for blog beginners

For beginners who are new to starting a blog, let's start by learning how to open a blog and set various basic settings.

Creating blog skins via Photoshop 포토샵을 통해 블로그 스킨 만들기

Using the simple functions of Photoshop How to create and apply a blog skin with a design suitable for the purpose and purposeI'll let you know.

Don't be afraid if you're new to Photoshop!

I will introduce in detail the features required to use Photoshop from installing Photoshop to creating blog skinsWe'll do it for you!

In addition to applying the finished skin to the blog, it will also be a time to develop a sense of design since you will be creating your own over and over again using Photoshop. It also uses very basic tools, so it's easy to follow.

Also, I'm going to provide a complete template.

How to apply the ideal layout to your blog?

While practicing various skin production, I'll also look at blog layouts and components suitable for skin design and website purposes, and give you tips to help you run a blog.

This is all you need to create a 'widget'!

In addition to this, I'm planning to create my own “widget” for the homepage.

The part of creating widget code that requires a link is difficult, so I entrust it to a company, but in my class Provides a transparent widget source and all code sourcesI'm going to do it for you.

Once you know it, you can save money on creating widgets.

Let's also learn how to use the widget source according to the skin category location!

Let's transform your blog!

Work with me to create a cool skin and apply it
Let's transform your blog from a beginner to a sophisticated one? :)

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Install Photoshop and create a blog


Design practice> Let's make various skins by category


Create moving skin/give moving points


Apply a skin > Apply an internal link, an external link


Create an event banner/mobile skin


As I finish, I'll share some small tips




Hi, I'm Debley, an 8th year blogger. I was studying design because I wanted to have my own beautiful skin, and now I am making a variety of skins as I have received requests for skin production.

Did you know that there is a formula for creating a homepage-type blog? If you know the formula, I'll let you know it easily so that anyone can pick it up.

My class will not only be about applying a finished skin to my blog, but it will also be a time to learn a sense of design by creating a skin yourself. I'll show you how to use basic tools in Photoshop suitable for creating a homepage-type blog, so even if you don't know Photoshop at all, you won't feel burdened if you think about getting started on this occasion. It's a really basic feature, so you'll be able to follow along in no time. Now let's create a personal blog, a commercial blog, or a homepage-type blog that suits your purpose:)

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